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The Baseball Book
Complete A-to-Z encyclopedia of baseball
Hollander, ed.

Every library in Michigan should have weeded this title on principle when the Tigers won the World Series in 1984.  (I was there!) So that is a strike 1.   My husband, the ultimate Cubs fan, rejects this book,regardless of publication date, as Ernie Banks does not get his own entry.  In the book’s defense, the book does give him props in the entry for Chicago Cubs.  (I will spare you the non stop diatribe at my house of the Cubs’ performance.  Poor guy still holds out hope though. ) Note the comment about lights at Wrigley Field!  Strike 2.   What no entry for steroids?  Strike 3. You are out!

Baseball fans would enjoy the pictures and the entries, but this book devotes a lot of time and energy to stats making this book a poor choice in 2010.

Batter up!


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Sport biography?

Cheerleading:  Go! Fight! Win!

Are you ready for some football?

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Weaklings need not apply

Make the Team in Football

My knowledge of football is limited to the fact that the Detroit Lions are unlikely to see a Superbowl in my lifetime.  I cannot comment on if the rules of play have significantly changed in the nearly 50 years since this was published, but I do know it hasn’t circulated much and that the cover is probably not going to be something kids would find attractive.  Sports folk: please tell me if the information would be outdated.  I would hate to base weeding on just circulation alone in topics like this.

Do you want some other sports fun?
Are you ready for some football?

More Football

How about some O J Simpson Biographies? (Yes, he played football once upon a time)  Click here and here.


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Keep on Rollin’

Keep on Rollin’: The Complete Guide to Roller Skating in America

Submitter: This gem was pulled reluctantly from the shelves of a rural library in Oregon.  If I see the Swirnoffs on the street, I’m calling the police and having dad locked away for the sake of all the animals in the neighborhood.  Please let that be keys in his pocket.  Please let that be keys in his pocket…

Holly: At first – ahem – I looked at his front left pocket, but maybe that is his (dislocated?) knee bent.  The lady behind him is goosing him – oh, wait, that’s her hand holding his back pocket just like the little girl is holding her pocket to complete the train. Could be keys in his front pocket… Ha ha!  This is hilarious!

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