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Sports and Exercise

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Skin Diving

Skin Diving Made Easy: For Fun and Profit

Submitter: I recently bought this book at the discard sale at my local public library. The book is Skin Diving Made Easy: for Fun and Profit by Gene Tinker, copyright 1967. It features handy advice about how to profit by looting underwater archaeological sites and hunting endangered species, details about the equipment that was available for divers in 1967, and numerous references to the attractiveness of the female models in the pictures. What is most awful about this book though is that several sections have been torn out (including, to my great disappointment, the chapter on how skin diving is great for overwrought nerves). Someone noted 15 pages missing in 1993, and this book would have been horribly outdated then. Yikes!

Holly: Why the heck would a library note 15 missing pages, and then return the book to the shelf?  Applause to them for finally weeding it to their used book sale!

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Make Your Own Exercise Equipment

Make Your Own Exercise Equipment

Submitter: This book was already weed-worthy just because of its age and lack of circulation; frankly, I’m not sure why anyone would want to make exercise equipment when you can buy almost-new equipment at any garage sale. What made it Awful Library Books-worthy was the artwork. All of the diagrams show angry, unhappy, uncomfortable people struggling in their exercise routine (or with their homemade exercise equipment!). But the coup de grâce was the photograph featuring the homemade stationary bike, the result of 70+ pages of instructions in a “excellent section on bicycles and stationary pedal cycles,” as proclaimed on the back cover.

Holly: How very inspiring!  Chin-up guy (below) looks like he might just give up and go order a cheeseburger.  Also, is that a woman bench-pressing on the cover, or a man in a leotard?


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Fabulous Frisbee

Fabulous Frisbee
Childers Schmitz

Submitter: We JUST weeded it this week! Tube socks galore, and a listing of the 1977 Frisbee World Championship winners. Check out the barefoot guy in white jeans demonstrating catching stances.

Holly: What the heck is on that guy’s shirt?  Was frisbee somehow related to the hacky sack crowd in the 70’s?  He’s giving off a certain “vibe.”  Very mellow, very cool.  Are they suggesting frisbee be played barefoot? Frisbee is still fun, but maybe we could get a newer one.

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