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Sports and Exercise

Coaching, sports, working out and training.

Bowl Me Over

The Complete Book of Family Bowling

Direct from a submitter in the eastern United States…
“My coworker at our small public library was weeding the sports section last week and found this slightly-out-of-date bowling guide.   We love the photo of the stylish bowling togs!  I’m not sure how many circs it has had; it seems to be in near-mint condition.  But thankfully, it will be circulating no more; we don’t want to misguide our patrons as they choose an outfit to wear to the local bowling alley.

Mary:  Do you think those are culottes on the second picturet? (Young people, go Google that fashion term!) I am proud of this library’s choice to improve their community by making sure bowlers have better information and bowling fashion tips.

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Girls that kick butt

Self-Defense For Girls: A Secondary School and College Manual
Tegner & McGrath

Submitter: Maybe not the most awful book, but the pictures are horribly outdated and I would feel embarressed pulling it for a patron.  Unless of course that patron was planning to have a rumble with the Jets and the Sharks.  The author also offers this rather bitter sounding advice concerning the illusion of women kicking butt on tv shows: “Sad to say, the fights bear as little relationship to actual life as do the love scenes.  Look not to the screen for guidance, girls.”

Holly: Once again, the word “modern” is the kicker.  The moves suggested in the book might be great, but there are so many more modern books than this.  Public libraries need books with better pictures and that are more relevant and effective.  This one is 42 years old!  I also love the tape binding.

Hanging Out


Hanging Out: The Upside Down Exercise Book
Jay & Rappaport

I’m not a doctor, and I’m not a trainer.  Doing inversion exercises might just be the best thing ever.  This book still has a ridiculous cover.  You have to admit, it’s dated in a really funny way.  If these exercises are still considered by health professionals to be beneficial, it’s time for a new book on the subject.