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Sports and Exercise

Coaching, sports, working out and training.

Retro Cool Bowling

Bowling coverBowling

Submitter: It is important for us to provide information on pastimes and hobbies for our students’ leisure time. Which is why this bowling book from 1973 is a great choice. There’s nothing kids today like better. Inexplicably, it has never circulated. Perhaps we should leave it on the shelf to give it a chance to find its audience?

Holly: I’m not sure why there are so many old bowling books hanging around in libraries. Every single one of them has groovy fashion and represents a time when bowling was the hip, cool thing to do. Or, at least, it must have been seeing as how so many titles were published on the subject in the early 70s. It’s fine to have bowling books, but represent the current decade, at least! Now they have cosmic bowling  with black lights and automatic scoring. Sounds much cooler to me!

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Tumble Over To The Sports Section

Sport's Illustrated Tumbling Cover

Sports Illustrated

First, I thought all of the stuff in this book was really called “gymnastics”. Is there a difference? Directed at both athletes and coaches, there are some funky drawings and detailed instructions on how to do many gymnastic events. Even if the essential activities are the same, coaching, new equipment, and training techniques will change over time. A nice example of how sports evolved comes from my mother who was told that “girls should only play half court basketball as it may disturb their reproductive parts.” I can hear every female basketball player cringing at that one.

Get over to the sport’s section and take a look. There might be some really awful weeders waiting for you.



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Richard Simmons


Still Hungry – After All These Years

Submitter: Discovered as we dismantled and re-imagined the biography collection.

Holly: Awww, Richard Simmons! He’s been through a lot lately. There’s even a podcast about how he went “missing” recently. (He was found). I hope he writes a new biography, actually. This one isn’t the worst thing a library could have, but if it no longer circulates it’s an easy weeder.

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