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More fun with communists!

How the communists use religion

Okay comrades, this is yet another gem plucked from a small public library.  This poor book had definitely seen better days.  The cover was damaged and the book had a serious “odor”.  Contents not withstanding, I think we can do better in both preservation efforts and in providing current information.  In my cursory examination of this title, this book  suggests that the Soviets had a great deal of control or influence on the Church.  Anyone know the background of this title?


Indiana Jones, Really?


Indiana Jones Explores the Incas
Thanks to submitter who was horrified to discover that this was the only item in the library about Inca culture.  Submitter also included a sample page of our man Indy overlooking what must be Inca traffic!  Now I am kind of sorry submitter didn’t explain more of why on earth Indiana Jones seems to be overlooking a major Inca traffic jam.  Wait!  I am so stupid!  It is probably weekend traffic headed for Machu Picchu!




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