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This category includes all geography and travel related posts.

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“Discovery” of North America

Discovery of North America
A Grosset All-Color Guide

Direct from the kid nonfiction section, all you want to know about the “discovery” of America. (I guess it didn’t exist until some white guys “found” it.) It is a weeder just on the title ALONE. However, if that isn’t enough, check out the pictures and text. My personal favorite is the Viking in the metal bra.


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Bogota or Bust

The Land and People of Columbia

Submitter: This book is older than dirt, has no color pictures, and has some racist overtones. Because it is from 1970, some of the language is dated and inappropriate. There are plenty of ways to deal with complicated history in an age appropriate manner. Here’s a sample of the text: “By 1700, whatever the cause may have been, the Chibchas had replaced their own language with Spanish and had largely abandoned their old religion to become pious and devoted Christians. They were relatively peacefully assimilated into the ways of the Spanish, and many, through their marriages with whites, lost their Indian identity; their children of mixed blood form the largest blood strain in Columbia today. (Racial prejudice has never been a strong factor in Columbia’s life and history.)–page 46

Holly: Country books have a life span of maybe ten years. Maaayyybe twenty years in some cases. A book about the land and people of the United States, written in 1970, would include images and attitudes that no longer represent what our country is really like. Why, then, is it OK to have books about other countries that are 40+ years old? Answer: it isn’t. This is a juvenile book, so isn’t it important that children learn about countries and cultures respectfully, appropriately, and – oh, I don’t know – accurately?

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Imelda and Her Shoes

Steel Butterfly of the Philippines

Those of us paying attention in the 80s remember when Imelda Marcos ruled the news with her Hollywood ties, wealth and power. She probably defined the word excess in a way that no reality star could touch today. The politics, murder and excess of this time was like a live version of the television show Scandal.

Does she deserve a biography? Absolutely! I would love to see a newer one. When this was published she and Ferdinand were in exile in Hawaii. In only a few years after this was published, Ferdinand died and the trial and money still was in play.


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