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Dr. Jones tells all about the Aztecs

Indiana Jones Explores the Aztecs

Evidently the Aztec civilization isn’t interesting enough. Let’s plaster pictures of Indiana Jones in some photos of Mexico. I am a little concerned that Dr. Jones seems to be woefully ignorant of the Aztecs given some of the inane “dialogue” in this book. So, just where did he get his PhD?

Way back in the early days of ALB, we published another Indiana Jones special book. Same format and I would bet there are the same pictures of our intrepid Dr. Jones only superimposed in shots of Peru. Personally, I think I could have done a better job with photoshop.

My new working theory is that these books are possibly responsible for the movie travesty that was Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull  I have never had so many patrons complain about a particular movie.


More history for the kids:

Lifestyles of the Ancient Britons

Michigan, My Michigan

“Modern” World

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Vietnam Policy For Kids

Let’s Visit VietNam

And we are back with another country book from olden times. This is less about the country and people of Vietnam and more about US involvement and the fight against communism. I practically expected Lyndon Johnson to pop out from the pages and tell me to get with the program.  I especially cringed at the reference to the “yellow branch of the human family”. Even by the time Saigon fell in 1975, this book would have been woefully inadequate and should have been weeded by then.


How about some counter-culture?

Damn, Dirty Hippies

Dirty Hippies Living on Love

Peace Love and Flower Power

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Land of Enchantment

New Mexico: A Guide to the Colorful State
Writers’ Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of New Mexico

Submitter: Giving out travel advise from 1962. It has “modern” views of Albuquerque, and a helpful road map that I am sure has not changed at all.

Holly: I love New Mexico. I was once stranded at the Albuquerque airport for hours on end as a storm blew through. (The Hubs flies small planes, and our 4-seater was no match for Mother Nature that day.) It is a lovely state with some of the nicest people I have ever met. This book does not do it justice or reflect the wonderful place it is today.

I do have to give props to the Writers’ Program books, though. My library weeded them all just a year or two ago. That is a great example of a series that you want to hold onto forever because they were so, so good, but when the space is needed for other things, difficult decisions have to be made, and the reality is, these are 50+ years old. Onward and upward!

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