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Jungle Life


Submitter: I couldn’t quite believe we still had this on the shelves, following the recent controversy over appropriating Native American dress. This children’s book shows how ‘you and your friends can decorate yourselves and pretend you are living in a jungle village.’ My favourite completely inappropriate jungle-inspired game though has to be The Pygmy’s Path. This book, and others like it, was my childhood in a nutshell, and a classic example of how times have changed!

Holly:  There is a fine line between teaching children about other cultures through playing their games and wearing their clothes and eating their foods…and complete and utter disrespect by turning all that into a farce, or mockery. Here is a missed opportunity that should have been weeded long ago.

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Alaska for the Kids


Confession: This is from my juvenile non-fiction collection. I weeded it about 6 months ago. I swear some of these things go off and reproduce without my knowledge. As a librarian obsessive about shelf lists, I cannot understand why these STILL turn up! Maybe it is an evil plot by Sirsi/Dynix because I have cussed at our ILS way too many times. Let this stand as an example of how collection maintenance is never “done”.

In the meantime, enjoy these ever so modern pictures of Alaska and wildlife. Is it just me or is the big saber-toothed cat (smiladon?) trying to get it on with the elk? (You can see where my mind went immedietely!) In other news, I didn’t know that Willow was supposed to be the capital of Alaska, but funding evidently dropped the project in 1982.  If that doesn’t make this book weedable, I don’t know what else to say.


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Nazi Nature

How Green Were the Nazis?
Nature, Environment, and Nation in the Third Reich
Ed. Bruggemeier, Cioc, and Zeller

So, the Nazis got something right. Who knew?

This is probably an ok book for a university library. It sort of feels like grasping at straws to prove the Nazis weren’t the root of all evil (jury’s still out on that one), but apparently they created nature preserves and did their part for the environment.




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