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Teen AlcoholismTeen Alcoholism

The Facts About Teen Pregnancy
Guernsey, Larsen, and Wynne

Submitter: The Teen Alcoholism book was checked out by a student who thought the picture of the girl with mall hair swigging from the paper enshrouded bottle in a stairwell was hysterical. These books are only from the early 1990s, but so awful that the entire series needs to go.

Submitter: There are timely books published about teen pregnancy every year. The young woman pictured in the David Bowie room is not someone a contemporary teen can relate to. She comes from the same era as their mothers. This was weeded as soon as we saw it.

Holly: These teen issues books need to be updated to reflect today’s teens.  Is this book for the teen, or for the teen’s parents?  If it is for the teen, it is horribly outdated.  If it is for the parent, and they think this represents today’s teens, maybe they should also check out a book for adults who drink.  These are important topics that should be kept up to date, not ignored as if these books are “good enough.”

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Sharks vs. Jets

Street GangsEverything You Need to Know About Street Gangs

Submitter: The first portion of the book introduces kids to the concept of gangs by telling the story of Johnny Boston, a boy who moved to a new city and fell in with a bad crowd. Then it switches to a question and answer format, with questions like “once I’m in a gang, can’t I just quit,” “If  I join a gang, will I have to carry a gun” and “if I join a gang, will I get rich?” One of my favorite picture captions says “motorcycle gangs often look scary, but many of them are relatively harmless.” And the photos of typical gang members are great — very, very dated!

Holly: Here’s a picture of one of those “typical gang members”:

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