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How to Write a Great School Report

How to Write a Great School Report - cover

How to Write a Great School Report
James and Barkin

Submitter: We found this on the shelves at our public library this year, and kept it as an example for staff. The sections on how to find information in a physical card catalog, and how to format a paper – handwritten in cursive; would not be particularly helpful to students writing a report today. The instructions are pre-Internet, so a number of problems if a student today tried to use it for a reference.

Holly: Oh good, just what our high school and college patrons need! Never mind those pesky library databases that we spend thousands on, and don’t bother with word processing software either. Heck, changes in citation styles are probably just “suggestions” too. What could possibly go wrong if a student uses this for report-writing help?


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On the Move

On the Move coverOn the Move

Submitter: My husband and I have recently taken over library duties at a private special needs school that started out life as a tutoring center.  The library had never been professionally – well, anything.  As a result, the weeding process was kinda more “bulldozer” than “scalpel.”  This one was one of the winners.  “On the Move,” dates from 1979 and that is *exactly* who you think it is on the cover…as a role model figure…in a children’s book…in a school library collection in 2015…

Holly: This book is part of the “Rally!” reading program. The company has moved on to more current materials, for sure – including common core standards that are state-specific. This title, as well as the other 1970s and 1980s (and probably even 1990s) readers can definitely be considered for weeding in most libraries now!


Home School Your Kids

Homeschooling coverHome Schooling
Answers to Questions Parents Most Often Ask
McIntire and Windham

This is one of those books that caught my eye because of the family on the cover. The expressions are just a bit weird. I think the kids (and possibly the dog) are evil robots and are out to destroy us… but hey, that’s just me.

As a home school manual, it’s not too bad but it is dated. I think the format is helpful for first time homeschooling families. I had to home school my then 2nd grader and kindergartner when we had returned to the US after a work assignment for a couple of years in the UK.  The UK teachers set me up for a month and I thought this would work fine. (I even have an education degree!) Within 2 weeks, I started to believe it was a murder/suicide situation in the making. Bottom line, I am not that kind of parent. I will chalk up my month to a lesson learned and leave education to the pros.


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