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Teach Those Kids a Lesson!

teacher spanks johnny

Teacher Spanks Johnny

Submitter: The book is called Teacher Spanks Johnny: A Handbook for Teachersby Catherine Humbargar Rovetta and Leon Rovetta (I’d love to meet their children now).  Being a teacher myself, I just HAD to have this book.  Empty threats are no more in my classroom!  Not after a quick reference to page 18 in the chapter titled Force Used on Pupil By Teacher where it states that “five blows with a ping-pong paddle is not unreasonable force“.  (Actually, I’ve never even dared to bring this book into my school for fear of it falling out of my bag or being discovered by the wrong person).  Though the book is not loudly “condoning” corporal punishment in school, it does offer some sort of a shortcut for anyone in the mood to offer a few, quick lashes to a deserving student or two.  It is meant to help the teacher understand the possible consequences of their aggressive (yet nurturing?)  actions by referencing some similar court cases.  So – the author is basically saying,do what you want to these little insubordinates, but first see what happened to the last guy that did it.  If he’s not in trouble for doing it, then swing away!!

I do enjoy this book.  Every modern parent should read it before enrolling their student in a public school so they can finally take a break from pointing their fingers in our faces, put the phone down and thank us for coming so far today.  For what we must put up with in the course of one school day, I think it’s best to say that patience is a virtue and your children are lucky that they only got 10 minutes taken away from their recess – could have been a meter stick, is all I’m sayin’.”
Holly: That pretty much says it all. Thanks, submitter!

Parents are, like, soooo lame!


How to Deal with Parents and Other Problems

“Steady dating”?  “The Unmentionable Topic”??  This is just priceless.  Wait, my mistake!  It’s 60 cents, according to the cover.  Talk about dated! The chapter titles are great – read the back cover below (enlarged for easier reading).

The author uses phrases like “going steady” and “getting fresh.”  Do kids today know what that means?  And how about the chapter called “Why Your Mother Acts That Way” and the father’s answer is “Your mother is going through a change of life” (p.37).

Ah…the salad days of 1959.

Submitted by Holly.




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A great choice for a parenting collection!


When Children Invite Child Abuse:  A search for answers when love is not enough

A fellow Michigan ALB spy has given us this gem!  I am speechless just on the title alone!  Who on earth is the target market for this book?  Abusers looking for an “out”?  Question to the public library with this holding:  are child abusers one of your major patron groups that you feel are being under served by the public library?