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First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

Not My Daughter: Facing Up to Adolescent Pregnancy

Submitter: Here is some advice straight from 1979 on how to handle a teenage pregnancy. The book itself relies on the 1979 resources that are in the back of the book. I am sure most of that info is no longer current.

Holly: This was published about six years after Roe v. Wade, so it was probably a pretty good choice back then. As a general idea for a teen pregnancy book, it’s pretty good. It just needs an update that reflects the last 36 years.

Enjoy the bonus book below: Teen Marriage!

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Another Teen Diet Book

The You Can Do It Kid’s Diet

Although this book says it is aimed at kids, it really is for the parents. What kid is going to read this thick book on eating right? Again, with all diet books from this era, there is an emphasis on will power and a bit of fat shaming to “help” an overweight teen. I am particularly concerned that a book is making kids worry about 5-10 pounds of weight, especially during adolescence.

I think we can let this one go.


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You’re Getting Sleeeeeepy

The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep
Forssen Ehrlin

Submitter: Here’s a brand new book my public library system purchased.  It’s supposed to help get your child to sleep with the power of suggestion.  The back cover says it’s a “groundbreaking #1 bestseller.”  On what planet?  There is far too much text to read to a child and the artwork is flat-out weird.  I understand the purpose of the book, it just could have been done better.

Holly: Maybe it’s supposed to bore them to sleep. I know I could use a nap after looking at it.

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