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This category includes all parenting and education materials. You will also find some of those picture books that help explain stuff to kids and try to share a message.

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Parent Guide to Cults

Cults: What Parents Should Know
A practical guide to help parents with children in destructive groups.
Ross and Langone

Submitter: I am submitting this from a mid-sized public library. It was last checked out in 2012. Besides being out of date in its references to organizations or publications that can help, the case study example that opens the book spans the 1970’s, concluding in the early 1980’s. The “recent cult activity” summary covers the 1960’s and 1970’s (can you say Jonestown?). The single color cover with an illustration the pied-piper leading a group of people whose identities have been taken off like the masks dangling from their hands is especially evocative of institutional publications of the 1980’s. The American Family Foundation mentioned as the publisher is not actually the current foundation of that name (which, as a religious organization, would be far more disturbing), but one that has since changed its name to ICSA – International Cultic Studies Association, and maintains a website with several extensive free online guides that cover the scope of this book and more. Toss the book, keep the site. (I especially appreciated their guide for people leaving cults, called “Starting Out in Mainstream America,” http://startingout.icsa.name/, which has a section on the uses of libraries). I was just glad to realize that the actual text was quite good (non-judgmental with helpful scenarios that weren’t terribly dated), so at least I hadn’t been leaving a BAD book on the shelves since I took the religion collection over.

Holly:That is a creeptastic cover, for sure. Effective for this topic, though. Plus the book is all dirty (see image below). This is an important topic for public libraries, and should be kept up to date!

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Parents! TV = Mind Control

Saturday Morning Mind Control

Did you know that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a cult? Did you know that the Care Bears are about non Christian attitudes and beliefs? Brace yourselves! Saturday morning TV is full of evil and it is brainwashing your kids! The back cover details how these innocent looking cartoons have a much more evil agenda.

I will tell you that one of my favorite cartoons as a kid was Casper, the friendly ghost. I was shocked to learn that this was preparing me for a life in the occult and that my life has been a waste. Excuse me while I go and reprogram myself with episodes of Scandal.


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How Ironic!

The Well-Behaved Child: Discipline that Really Works!

Submitter: A colleague put this recently circulated item in my mailbox; it cannot go back on the shelves in its newly damaged condition. You can see the scribble marks on the front, and inside covers. She also put the post-it note on the book, noting the wonderful irony of this typically very frustrating occurrence for all librarians. How great to turn a negative into humor. Unfortunately, Mr. Rosemond, well-respected in his field, will have a slight ding to his reputation due to this child’s artwork.

Holly: I love this. Too, too funny. It’s a perfectly fine book and a great choice for public libraries. I’m sure Mr. Rosemond is truly “America’s Most Widely Read Parenting Expert” and has many, many successes to his credit. There’s always one, though, isn’t there?

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