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Home Filing Made Easy

Home Filing Made Easy coverHome Filing Made Easy!
Martin and Martin

Oh good, everyone loves filing! Everyone reaaaaally loves easy filing! This book is certainly easy to follow, since there is so little mention of technology. Just stick your papers in folders and you’re good to go! To be fair, it does talk about fire proof boxes and an indexing system for easy retrieval. Not everyone is blessed with a librarian’s cataloging brain. (Should I file separately under auto insurance and health insurance or together under insurance, auto and insurance, health? Ok, it’s a blessing and a curse.)

As usual, this book is just old. These days, a home filing system has to acknowledge scanning, shredding, software options, apps, and uber-heightened security against identity theft. This 20-year-old book isn’t good enough.



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This Book isn’t About Sex

Sex of the Dollar coverSex of the Dollar
Street-Smart Financial Planning For Women

This is one of those books that will use a sexy title to get folks to read something boring. Then the subtitle gives the real story. Clever. Now, money is sexy. Of course financial planning is important, and women might have different needs from men, especially if they are not primary breadwinners. 1988 is beyond old for any book dealing with finances.

Show me the money!


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Coming Collapse of China

The Coming Collapse of China

Submitter: Books that prognosticate are in a category of their own as far as weeding is concerned. How ridiculous this claim now looks. Note it was 2001 when this author claimed China would collapse in five to ten years. The problem is that these books are scattered throughout the collection, without a unifying subject heading or even a recurring title keyword to help you find them. The only solution is frequent, thorough weeding of every section. From the Mayan calendar in 001.9 to this gem in 951, I’ve had a busy week weeding old predictions that failed to come true.

Holly: These are fun to look at after the fact, but for a truly relevant collection, feel free to weed them when the prediction fails. In many cases, you can weed it even if the prediction holds true. Unless Mr. Chang’s work is still popular or important in your library, most of us can let go of this book.

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