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Love, Marriage and Divorce

dating, marriage, divorce

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

Not My Daughter: Facing Up to Adolescent Pregnancy

Submitter: Here is some advice straight from 1979 on how to handle a teenage pregnancy. The book itself relies on the 1979 resources that are in the back of the book. I am sure most of that info is no longer current.

Holly: This was published about six years after Roe v. Wade, so it was probably a pretty good choice back then. As a general idea for a teen pregnancy book, it’s pretty good. It just needs an update that reflects the last 36 years.

Enjoy the bonus book below: Teen Marriage!

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Marriage Advice

Creative Marriage
Ellis and Harper
1969 (original copyright 1961)

One of my library minions who will be finishing up an MLIS this December is getting married next spring. Naturally, I started combing the catalog for some super “helpful” titles on marriage and weddings. I am not sure she appreciated my help in this manner when the average age of my selections were more than 30 years old. (Yes, tormenting library students can be fun.)  This title came up in my search and I thought it would be nice to feature it here.

This particular title presents a nice example of a somewhat questionable weed. On the face this is an old marriage guide with a sex focus and is obviously dated. On the other had, Ellis was an important psychologist and his works do have a place in libraries. For the small/medium public library this would probably be a slam dunk weeding choice. Larger collections would probably retain this title and universities would as well.

Once again, a title like this might be at first glance an easy weed but thinking about collection objectives and your service population will always trump any weeding “rules”. Aren’t you lucky Elle to have me arrange both collection development and marriage info in one covenient blog post?


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Widows and Widowhood: A Creative Approach to Being Alone

Submitter: This book was an excellent choice for a public library back in 1977. Unfortunately, the data and info are no longer accurate. I did enjoy the section on same sex relationships. It seemed progressive for ’77. I enjoyed many of the passages in this book. Is it awful? Maybe not. But this was the only book this library had on the topic. Time to update.

Holly: The preface starts off with a statistic from 1971. Already a turn-off! Also, the title implies creativity, so when you start seeing all those charts and data tables, it’s disappointing. It’s too old to be useful, and his has a giant, air-bubbled piece of tape all the way across the cover.

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