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Life, Death, Love, and Marriage

dating, marriage, divorce, weddings, funerals

Calling Dr. Love

Hypnosex: Sexual Joy Through Self-Hypnosis
Araoz and Bleck

Submitter: Despite the title, it’s not the cover that does it for me on this one either. It’s the title in conjunction with the top author photo.  “Trust me, I’m a doctor.” Doctor Love, apparently.

Holly: Oh, yes.  Dr. Casanova needs only to unbutton a few more to look completely trustworthy and credible.  This isn’t necessarily a bad choice for a public library as far as topic goes (it’s a unique angle…), but it looks old and outdated.

(Side note: You know I love it any time I can use KISS lyrics in a blog post!)




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Teen Sex or Teen Dating?

Like It Is: A Teen Sex Guide
Lieberman and Troccoli

Submitter: It’s from 1998 but I thought it was going to be a lot older based on the cover.

Holly:  Watch your hands, Pal!  I would have guessed 1980’s, too.  How about this title instead?  Wait, I can’t see his other hand….


The Dating Book

Cheap Dates

Dating for Under a Dollar

Thanks to a submitter for this wonderful book.  This is probably shelved right next to the “be cool” book posted earlier! Can you imagine how a young lady must feel if this is featured prominently in a some guy’s personal library?  The poor couple on the front looks like they spent all the money they have on hair products and valium.    Great idea for content, but seriously lacking in execution!