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Life, Death, Love, and Marriage

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Wedding Night Jitters?

Your First Year of Marriage

Marriage advice is always interesting. This gem (still not weeded!) is from 1967. It assumes that the two newlyweds have barely had any sexual experience, not even “heavy petting.” (‘Cuz nice girls and boys just don’t.) A great deal of the book is dedicated to the mechanics of sex. There was also some pretty decent family planning information, considering it was published in 1967.  There are some small chapters dedicated to “special circumstances” (pregnancy, different religions or races) and managing money. Take a look at the two pages I scanned on dealing with the in-laws.

All in all, not that bad of a choice for the 1960s. I am at a loss for why it is still in a public library collection, though.


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Finding Mr. Right

Finding Mr. Right coverFinding Mr. Right

I know some of you have been missing our expert on the ladies, Don Diebel. Long time ALB folks will remember his wonderful advice for meeting women. I know everyone appreciated his stalker tactics and cheesy pick up lines.

This time Don has advice for the ladies! You can find those high quality men by hanging out in hotels, clubs, supermarkets, and human potential groups. He also talks about drugs. No, he doesn’t endorse them, but if they help you loosen up, what’s the harm?

Take a peek at some of this wonderful inside scoop into the mind of those “available” men. You will be happy to know that men helpfully gave Don exclusive interviews to let those ladies know what men don’t like.

I know all of you single ladies will run, not walk, to the library to get a hold of some of this stellar advice.

Glad I am not single,


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Is your man a “fixer upper?”

More Sensitive Man coverHow to Make Your Man More Sensitive
O’Connor and O’Connor

Straight from the 1970s, we have another make your man better book. This husband and wife are here to teach you to the inside secrets to improving your man. I bet all the men are very eager to learn how they can be more sensitive. I wonder if these two are still married?


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