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Life, Death, Love, and Marriage

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Getting Romantic @ Your Library

DIY sex toys coverIt’s Valentine’s Day! ALB is all about the romance, and has some specific suggestions to make this day special for your significant other. You’re welcome!

Mary and Holly


Make Your Own Sex Toys
50 quick and easy do-it-yourself projects

Who doesn’t need the ultimate DIY book? This is perfect for those that either like a bit of variety or maybe find themselves alone with nothing to do. (Yes, this is a real book!) Read the original post here and I promise you will look at produce in a whole new way!

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Dating Made Easy

dating compatability coverThe Dating Compatibility Test

Still trying to locate “the one”? Whip out this little book and start the interview process. Nothing says love like an intrusive interview. Mostly, these seem to be multiple choice conversation starters. The questions are pretty superficial and just wandering through this book I kept thinking that I wouldn’t choose any of the given answers. In all fairness, I haven’t dated since Reagan was elected, so what do I know?

Bottom line: if you need this book to talk to your date, I think you can safely eliminate this person as a potential love match.


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Affordable weddings from the good old days

beautiful wedding cover

You Can Afford a Beautiful Wedding

I’m going to go out on limb and say this book is pretty outdated. I am sure anyone who has hosted a wedding in the last decade would stroke out on some of the prices quoted. For today’s modern brides and grooms, this book is useless. I am not even sure that many brides and grooms would consider a book as a source for wedding information. I think most brides and grooms tend to hit websites like Pinterest and The Knot for wedding planning.

From what I hear from friends, a cheap wedding can cost more than a new car. I think I would rather have the car.


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