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This is Mary and Holly’s catch-all category. Here we feature posts about librarians and libraries as well as just some cool stuff we find.

You too can be a Library Tech!

Library Technical Assistant
University of Toledo/U.S. Office of Education

“Figure 20-Buying and acquisition of suitable government surplus equipment such as microfilm readers, may make it possible to equip laboritories at low cost.”

Figure 9-Continuing advanced study for the graduate library technical assistant is desirable to keep abreast of techincal developments and current changes in the field”

Here we go again, making libraries and library workers look old and irrelevant.  Way to go – a job with “Technical” in the title looks completely outdated here.  We can’t exactly convince the world that we are a technically savvy industry with this book!

Thank you, anonymous submitter!


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I want to be a LIBRARIAN!

I want to be a Librarian

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this wonderful relic from the past!  Submitter says there is lots of  information about the card catalog and finding good books.  (I wonder if this counts as a good book?) I quickly breezed through the world cat holdings and A LOT of public libraries are hanging on to this title.   Please do the profession a favor and get something more current.

Library Advocacy

careers in a library-cover

Careers in a Library
Rebecca Anders

Don’t you want to become a Librarian after seeing this book? Young minds are SURE to want a piece of the library action!  ALA has spent too much time and money trying to advocate for librarians and libraries for one public library to ruin the profession with this book.  Seriously – this is so far from what a career in a library is really about that they’re actually damaging the profession by having this book on the shelves.

I did enjoy the fashion flash-back, though.




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