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Ancient Library Research

So You Have to Write a Term Paper!

This book is something else.  I am estimating there were 3 total circs since automation in 1995.  Something inside me wants to meet the poor souls that checked out this book and ask them if it was helpful for writing. I just cringe when I see stuff like this old in public or school libraries.

I will give props to the author for discussing the technology of the time.  Gee, I wonder if this computer thing will “take off”?

I like to think that the librarian is the “key” to the library.  Youngsters, in case you don’t know, that picture below is  of a card catalog…

Sadly I think I remember using this particular interface in the late 80’s.

I hope you enjoyed today’s demonstration of ancient library research


I want to be a LIBRARIAN!

i want to be a librarianI want to be a Librarian

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this wonderful relic from the past!  Submitter says there is lots of  information about the card catalog and finding good books.  (I wonder if this counts as a good book?) I quickly breezed through the world cat holdings and A LOT of public libraries are hanging on to this title.   Please do the profession a favor and get something more current.