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Everything for the ladies from health, beauty, understanding your man and self-help.

Perfect Party, Perfect Wife

Entertaining to Please Him

Ladies! Here is your chance to really please your man. Forget all those other ways (nudge, nudge). What a man really wants is the perfect hostess. This book has all sorts of tips on entertaining. From planning to budgets, your parties will make you the perfect wife! Be sure to read the first page from the chapter titled Your Role as His Hostess. I particularly like the cover featuring a Stepford Wife/Fembot serving hors d’oeuvres.

Barbara Taylor Bradford is that Barbara Taylor Bradford of novel fame. Prior to her debut of A Woman of Substance, Bradford authored quite a few nonfiction lifestyle and decorating books. (We featured this one a few years ago.)

So break out the apron and improve your man’s life with help from Barbara.



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How to be a more interesting woman

How to be a more interesting woman

Ladies, here is your chance to shed your boring personality.  Learn to speak “properly” with a variety of conversation topics. Don’t be too aggressive and attempt to share your personal opinions. (Men don’t really like that.) I am really going to work on my lady skills with this nice book. I’m already halfway there since an interesting woman evidently hangs out in the library.



More Lady Stuff:

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How to be attractive



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Isn’t Depression Cute?

Beat the Blahs coverHow to Beat the Blahs

As a long sufferer of the “blahs”, this book is beyond awful. For the time, this was probably how most folks thought about depression. Basically, with a little lipstick and a new outfit, you can beat depression. You just need to grab those bootstraps and pull your self up!

This is a great example of why we weed. More than a few times in my career, I have helped people who are in trouble. Be that a job loss, scary medical diagnosis and assorted other human problems. I think those of us,especially public libraries, believe that helping people sort through or manage problems is why libraries exist. Bottom line, I don’t want patrons depending on this to help them through a potentially life threatening illness with this little book. Trust me, weeding medical stuff will chase those library blahs away.  <updates lipstick and grabs a cart>


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