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Fascinating Womanhood
[1991], 1974

Submitter: I had heard of it but never thought I’d actually see a copy until I started a new job with a collection that needed extensive weeding and there it was. I understand it’s a Christian guidebook to a “happy marriage” but the booklets it is based on were written in the 1920s and even the 1991 edition we have is horrible in its advice to women.

Holly: Oh good lord.  The pictures are a little light, but check out this list from the back cover of all the goodness you will learn from this book (my personal favorite is “How to Bring out the Best in Your Husband”):


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Alice in Womanland

Alice in Womanland, or The Feminine Mistake

Submitter: Remember your “How To Ski A Little Bit” book and how some folks wished to read “Alice In Womanland”? Well, I found it!  This is actually a “Last Copy.” For the non-library types (if you post this) it means that when a book, fiction or non-fiction, is down to only one copy in our county-wide system, they send the very last book to headquarters and if it’s not too bad a shape, they keep it there.  Any person who wants the book can put it on hold and read it. Which is what I’m doing now. So people who worry about books no longer being available when they’re weeded need not worry because it is saved somewhere!

It’s not a bad book. I have to look some people it references up such as Jack E. Leonard and Helen Gurley Brown – what can I say? When it comes to insult comics I know Don Rickles and I wouldn’t read Cosmo if you paid me a million dollars. A billion, yes, but not a dime less. I guess it’s a parody of The Feminine Mystique but I’ve never read that.  It’s got some rather oddball stories meant to be funny about women – such as the “advice letter” from a woman who preserves an already burnt pot roast with hairspray and uses it to get her husband to take her out to dinner. The tale of a marriage nearly broken up because the wife won’t drink. An advertisement for a school to teach women how to have better sex. I’m on the dining chapter right now.

Anyway, let people know the book is out there for Inter-library loan (ILL) if they really want to read it because we do have it as a Last Copy!

Holly: There you have it, folks!  It’s out there for the asking!

Bad Men

Male Chauvinism!
How it works
Mass Market Paper:  1979
Hardcover: 1973

This library still had the mass market paper cover still on the shelf as of this post.  I can only imagine that it is in this good a condition because no one has looked at it since the early 80’s.  Yes, it is taped up and the pages are a bit “crunchy”.   Great book and topic for any collection — when I was a teenager.  Is it useful now?  Debatable.  Assuming that this library automated in the mid nineties, why on earth did they stick a bar code on this pathetic little paperback?  The barcode and the processing probably cost more than the book.  I urge you to run to your women’s studies area and weed.  It will also help if you play Helen Reddy’s I am Woman right before so you are in the correct frame of mind.

Busy burning my bra,