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Modern Motherhood

safeguarding motherhood

Safeguarding Motherhood

Love the cover of this book!  It is so pink and girly that I am almost ready to get pregnant myself.  Too bad my ovaries are so old that you can blow the dust off them.  But I digress….

Although the cover is cute, the inside drawings/pictures are less exciting.  A few pencil drawings of female anatomy that modesty prevents me from sharing. However, I will give you these illustrations of what I like to call the “Alien Baby”, how a girdle that will help keep your girlish figure, even if you are “knocked up”, and some nice exercises to get you back in shape.


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Leave Me Alone!

Live Alone and Like It: A Guide for the Extra Woman

Submitter: Obviously this book has social historical value.  In fact our first print copy is checked out.  It’s the conflicted tone of the text, combined with
the drawings, that are so entertaining.  We’ll stick with the one copy.

Holly: Yes, it is kind of rude!  Old fashioned, for sure.  Were single women really called “the extra woman” back then? Continue reading