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Martha, Martha, Martha!

Martha Stewart Weddings

Submitter: We just weeded this Martha Stewart’s Weddings book published in 1987 from our collection.  It’s not horrible, we actually think it’s totally awesome 80’s. 🙂  And Martha looks so young!

Holly: Martha looks ridiculous.  She has so many (sooooo many!) newer books out, including about weddings, that there’s not really any reason to hang on to this one.  If the owning library has no other books by Martha Stewart, they need to get some.  Her books are staples in public libraries, but they have to be more current than this.  I’d go maybe ten years back.

(Awesome 80’s is fun, though, isn’t it?)

Jazz up your wardrobe


Make Your Own Great Vests: 90 Ways to Jazz Up Your Wardrobe

Submitter: Ah, I remember when vests were all the rage. This book captures some of the more extravagant vests of the 90’s. Denim vests, sequined vests, vests with tassels, the possibilities are endless! But wait, this one will really blow your mind, a vest with little vests on it (picture attached).

Holly: Cute.  Reeeeeal cute.  Who would wear this…and to where??  Also, why?

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Perfecting your “come hither” look

Lingerie & Sleepwear: 24 Original Designs You Can Make Yourself
Submitter: My favorite lingerie pattern from this book is for a knitted bed jacket. I want to know what guy would actually find this attractive. It is the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen!! The book contains some really off-the-wall garments and the best part is all the models are trying to look sexy & seductive while wearing them.