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Easter Eggs for Everyone

Easter Eggs for Everyone coverEaster Eggs for Everyone

Submitter: It’s more than you would ever want to know about decorating Easter eggs (including Egg Lore and Legends and Egg Customs), and it has some very non-PC text. Intro page is cleverly shaped like an egg (see photo) but you get to the second paragraph and…

Easter eggs for the retarded

Under the heading Easter Eggs and the Special Child: the “seriously handicapped need not be deprived…”
And later still (see photo), simple decorations “for use with ‘small people’”!   So I’m guessing that would be children?
Page 31-“an artistically inclined housewife, feeling trapped in the suburbs, might get just the lift she needs by trying peephole eggs…” [eyebrow raise]
Page 44-“children who are not feeling well should not assist in egg-blowing.” DUH.

Holly: Those are some pretty specific examples, but they did say everyone! The cover looks like it might be a really cool book. This is a good reminder that even books about seemingly innocuous subjects like crafts need to be considered in light of current sensibilities.

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Getting Romantic @ Your Library

DIY sex toys coverIt’s Valentine’s Day! ALB is all about the romance, and has some specific suggestions to make this day special for your significant other. You’re welcome!

Mary and Holly


Make Your Own Sex Toys
50 quick and easy do-it-yourself projects

Who doesn’t need the ultimate DIY book? This is perfect for those that either like a bit of variety or maybe find themselves alone with nothing to do. (Yes, this is a real book!) Read the original post here and I promise you will look at produce in a whole new way!

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Christmas Cross-Stitch

Christmas cross stitch cover

Better Homes and Gardens
Christmas Cross-Stitch

Another Christmas craft for you! We are getting closer to those dreaded holidays and you need to be ready. Time to whip out the needles and floss and make your family some traditional stockings for your special Santa moments.

The designs in this book aren’t too bad, but I think we can safely weed some of these 1980s era craft books.


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