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Come to the library to cure your agoraphobia!

Agoraphobia workbook cover


The Agoraphobia Workbook: A Comprehensive Program to End Your Fear of Symptom Attacks
Pollard and Zuercher-White

Submitter: We all wondered how exactly an agoraphobic would find this book on the shelves of our library? And I thought the inside should read “You are cured!” if indeed someone suffering from agoraphobia did check it out.
Are you surprised to learn that it never once circulated and was in pristine condition?

Holly: I am surprised by the pristine condition part. Workbooks get written in within seconds of hitting the shelves. My library has a home delivery service for people who are homebound…maybe there are some potential readers there! Or for people who are trying to understand their agoraphobic friends/family. I have less issue with the subject matter and more issue with its age and the workbook format.



A Bloody Choice

Blood and its cargo cover

Blood and Its Cargo

Here we go with another health book for the kids. Now is your chance to learn all about BLOOD! My problem with this book is the awful line drawings. It looks like “Flat Stanley” had some kind of terrible disfiguring accident. For the most part, the book is low on real information and some of the text seems odd or poorly designed on the book. I was almost thinking this was some weird poem.


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Fun with Assault

looking forward to being attacked cover

Looking Forward to Being Attacked

Since Holly and I are trying get our website in shape, I started thinking about some of our first books. More like a “where are they now” type of moment. This particular book always made me laugh and I wondered if I could find it and really take a look.

I found a copy and I have looked at this book cover to cover. I am cracking up even harder than I did in 2009. It is still an awesome book, complete with some lovely late 1970s fashion and women fending off criminals. You will notice in our first safety scenario a guy with a paper bag on his head is grabs a woman’s breasts. Really.  For all our librarians, you will appreciate the scenario of being attacked in the library. Note the book on the floor: Escape from Freedom by Erich Fromm (1941). Nice artistic touch for the scenario. Too bad there is a continuity error in the next photo when the book disappears. Maybe the criminal wanted a newer edition? If you want to see the original post, click here. There is a nice pic of the table of contents.

Stay Safe Out There!


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