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Titles related to mental and physical health, personal and home safety.

A Case for Bra Burning!

Dressed to Kill
Singer and Grismaijer

Submitter: “Now let me just say, I am all for breast cancer research and finding a cure. However, I don’t really ascribe to the belief that my underwear = cancer.  And when one really looks closely at the book it becomes apparent that it is not the underwear itself but ill fitting underwear that is the enemy. I mean the way this man describes the way his wife’s unmentionables fit sound barbaric and unnecessary. I don’t think this is why his wife got cancer though. Nor do I think the small study he conducted is viable.   So on the basis of this book being 90% + obsolete, redundant and most importantly full of one sided bad science I am sending it for you to see. ”

Holly: I appreciate that people are looking outside the box in terms of cancer research.  However, this is 14 years old.  Further research definitely needs to be done if this is to be taken seriously.  The other problem is that the cover removes the last shred of credibility this book may have ever had.

Bring on the oblivion

The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs
Quaaludes: The Quest for Oblivion

I snagged this from a teen section.  Don’t you just love the creepy cover?  I am not even sure what to say.  I wonder if today’s teens are still seduced by this quest for oblivion.  The content of this book is heavy on charts, graphs and icky black and white photos of  people doing a variety of drugs.  Interestingly, none of the pictures feature quaalude abuse.  I get the feeling that they slapped quaaludes on the front of a generic “drugs are bad”  book.  Of course drug information is probably suspect after 5 years, so I am going to go out on limb and suggest that perhaps this book’s time has come and gone.   Weed it, please!


Fun with Crime

Looking Forward to Being Attacked

Submitter: Talk about putting a positive light on something bad,  Looking Forward to Being Attacked was written by Lt. Jim Bullard from the Memphis Police Department.  It was published in 1977.  I included the table of contents to demonstrate how Lt. Bullard just oozes optimism.

Holly: Looks like a great book with a weird approach and title.  No one looks forward to being attacked, even if they are a master at self-defense.  Oh, I get it!  He is being clever.  This was re-released in 1987.  With cell phones and car alarms, I think self-defense books in public libraries should be more up to date than this.  Please weed!

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