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Health and Safety

Titles related to mental and physical health, personal and home safety.

Dieting for God

slim for him cover

Slim for Him

Who doesn’t love the cover of the women walking through the clouds (or is that whipped cream?) This book is full of scripture and inspiration to keep your head in the game as you diet to your ideal weight and spiritual goodness.

We have had more than a few Christian diet books. Remember Help Lord – The devil wants me fat? Or how about diet advice for the ladies with More of Jesus, Less of me? And of course, one of our personal favorites: Jogging for Jesus. Unlike those titles, Slim for Him doesn’t have any specific health advice and doesn’t claim any outrageous health cures, just scripture and inspiration which probably makes this the best of these books.

Bottom line: God prefers you to be thin.


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Waiting to Die

title page of the old person in your home

The Old Person in Your Home

In the author’s introduction, he complains how young people treat the elderly with disdain. The author wants us to know that the elderly are not a drag and that they have much to teach us. The remaining chapters talk about the transition, family dynamics and boundaries with the elderly relatives, as well as health concerns. Based on the topics, I would have said this was an appropriate purchase for the late 1960s and 1970s.

There is an assumption that the elderly will be “difficult” and resist ceding authority to the new head of household. It also assumes that the woman will be doing the nursing/care giving. There is also some helpful advice about re-distributing chores like mending and child care to Grandma. (Grandpa evidently doesn’t have any responsibilities.) I can appreciate the need for frank talk about care giving, but this book isn’t going to help anyone now.

Not getting any younger,



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Chicken Lamaze

Lamaze is for Chickens coverLamaze is for Chickens: A Guide to Prepared Childbirth
Green & Naab

Submitter: This book was recently weeded from [a] Community Library in [Wisconsin]. Not only is it falling apart and thirty years old, but it is also a childbirth guide featuring cartoon chickens. I mean, come on! Imagine the meetings in which this book seemed like a good idea!
Lamaze is for Chickens: A Guide to Prepared Childbirth, is so ridiculous I removed it from the shelf the immediately! Imagine a childbirth guide with cartoon chickens representing real women – a chicken packing a bag for her trip to the hospital – except, there are also vivid close up black and white images of real childbirth! You don’t want to leave it lying around where the cartoonish cover art may attract unsuspecting children…yikes!

Holly: The title makes it sound like lamaze is for weaklings who are afraid of childbirth, like it is somehow laughable that a woman would want to consider it. I don’t think that’s what they intended, so the title is unfortunate. Also…chickens?

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