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Be Pretty

hair and makeup and dieting

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A Perfect Figure in 15 Minutes a Day

Debbie Drake exercise book cover

Debbie Drake’s Easy Way to a Perfect Figure and Glowing Health

Debbie Drake was featured on our site back in 2011 with this exact book. The book’s condition was pretty sad and my scans weren’t very good. It was also missing a cover and when I found one with the cover intact, I thought it was time for a “do-over.” Debbie was a female version of Jack LaLanne .

The original post had some advice on how to exercise your hair and face. This time I included pictures from Debbie’s advice on how to get up from bed, increase your bust, and spot reduce your waist. You’re welcome.


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A Real Woman is a Pretty Woman

discovering a lovlier you cover

Discovering a Lovelier You

If you remember, we have featured a few of these books (because one book just wouldn’t be enough to fix what is wrong with women). Remember how to figure out your man? Or how about finding fulfillment as a woman through crafts?

Today’s selection is about making yourself as pretty as possible. Those crazy women libbers want you to be ugly. There is a bunch of self-esteem messages along with all the beauty tips. Throughout the book, the author advises  that those women libber types don’t know what they are talking about. Every woman wants to look her best!

Who doesn’t want to sit in front of the mirror doing facial exercises to achieve feminine fulfillment?


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Beauty Tips

Total Beauty Catalog coverTotal Beauty Catalog

Submitter: The book is full tips, crazy tips about beauty. Plenty of head scratchers:

-Male executives telling women where the safe places are to jog.

-“I am beginning to smell like Ajax”

-“Lines, Lines, go away, go and visit Doris Day”

-Your hair will grow faster when the moon is in a water sign

-“Don’t judge by appearances. She who appears to be a dumb blond may be a bright brunette.”

Holly: This is great! And by great, I mean awful. Its public library time has come and gone, for sure. I did enjoy the passages shared by Submitter, though. As someone who has had gray hair since my early 30s, I should apparently check my PABA intake. (Nah, I’m banking on a full head of gorgeous silver hair. Maybe ten years to go!)

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