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Balloon Artist

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How to Become a Balloon Artist and Make Up to $100,000 a Year

Submitter: This book has recently been weeded from a public library. It probably should have been weeded a decade ago–or two. Surprisingly enough its last checkout date was a little under 4 years ago. This was through interlibrary loan, so if I had to take a wild guess I’d assume the patron put a hold on it without knowing what it looked like (no cover picture is provided in our catalog). Does this make me a bad librarian because I judged the book by it’s cover?

The majority of the book focuses on creating balloon designs, with very dated and only sometimes helpful black and white pictures of finished products. The title includes “make up to $100,000 a year” (really? in 1987?) but I suspended my initial disbelief because, hey, what do I know about being a balloon artist? But this book doesn’t really contain any information on how to achieve this particular salary. There’s marketing tips: create a decoration photo album, get involved with weddings, “smile a lot” and “dress for success,” but nothing to convince me I can live very comfortably as a balloon artist.

Holly: But the author’s name is “Prosper!” That must count for something!

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All Washed Up

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The Art Of Making Soap: A Harrowsmith Contemporary Primer

Submitter: For your consideration: one 1979 book on soap making. It still circulates quite a bit but I’m sure borrowers are as disappointed as I was. The age being the main factor, of course – things have changed in soap making at home. I know. I’ve made soap myself. It’s held together with some huge staples along the spine, the pages are yellow, there are very few pictures and what few there are are all in black and white. Seriously, this book is all washed up. So why are we keeping it? There must be more modern instructions out there.

Holly: There sure are! When you open a book that smells like 1979, you’re not exactly inspired to make nice-smelling soaps.

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Skirtains, Anyone?

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Alchemy Arts: Recycling is Chic
MacKay and Jennings

This book was recently weeded from a medium sized public library for a complete lack of check-outs. It’s not awful, exactly, but definitely a little weird. The examples are described in general terms, but there aren’t really exact directions or patterns or anything. I think it’s meant to inspire more than instruct.

Books like this are confusing to me. They’re interesting for creative types, I suppose. They just don’t seem very practical. Do people really wear playing card hats (below) and dresses made from ties (also below)? The word “recycling” in the title is definitely going to garner attention, since that’s something we can all get on board with.

All you crafty/sewing types, please weigh in! Wonderful or weird?


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