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Knit yourself a toilet cozy

Knitting For Your Home

Submitter: My local library had this dated book in its crafts section. What caught my eye was the section on knitting for your toilet. I guess that makes sense since we do sit there for a spell each day.

Holly: Indeed we do! Do people still have those toilet tank cozies in their bathrooms? My grandma did in the 80s. Maybe she used this book for inspiration.


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Making Masks

Masks and How to Make Them

Submitter: ‘Mask-making is a fascinating and inexpensive hobby’ states the blurb. Maybe so, but should it necessarily be promoted by such a disturbing cover? Believe it or not, these are children sporting their home made paper mache ‘Big Heads’. The writing is beautifully Sixties Britain; in making your own Big Head you are encouraged to ‘Get an old copy of, say, the Radio Times’. At least it promotes libraries, with its final chapter ‘Books on Masks’, stating that local libraries may have books on masks, even though as far as the author knows there are no books on masks in English. He then follows with a few suggestions from the 1920s. Wonderful.

Holly: These are cool in a creeptastic kind of way! Most of the book is too dated to be useful, though, based on what Submitter said. I keep thinking about this episode of Freaks & Geeks (Best. Show. Ever.) Sorry, couldn’t find video, but enjoy the picture. It’s epic.

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Woodworking for the Ladies

Woodworking Projects for Women

Submitter: This beauty hasn’t circulated in over 3 years, and I can’t imagine why! The title and cover alone are horrible, and the projects inside are definitely outdated.

Holly: I was surprised this was only ten years old. It looks very 90s to me! It’s also somewhat sexist, like there are specific projects for women who woodwork that men wouldn’t want to make, or as if women wouldn’t want a general woodworking book that men would use too. Men only make duck decoys and women only make home and garden decor.

It’s not the worst public library book I’ve ever seen, and it was a reasonable acquisition, but definitely weed-worthy if it isn’t being used any more.

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