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Looking to make something? This the category that includes crafts, decorating, DIY, and repair materials.

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Enameling for Fun and Profit

Enameling for Fun and Profit

Submitter: I love a good crafting book. However, they need to have color photos. This book is from an era when color was not to common. There are many better book on this topic than this old book with color photos! Just try to imagine those beautiful enameled pieces in color!

Holly: Looks complicated. Have they come up with any easier techniques in the last 61 years? (Weed either way!)

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Masks of Horror


Masks & How to Make Them


Submitter: I found this 68 year old book in the teen craft section of my local library. It’s full of wearable masks based on people from the 1940’s. Teens at my local library can check out the who’s who of the 1940’s with this book. Please send a heartfelt sorry to Mary from me.

Holly: Ohhhh Maaaaary! Submitter wants you to check this out. And s/he’s sorry.  :-)

(Actually, these are quite good! I love the Eleanor Roosevelt mask, pictured below. This book definitely does not belong in a teen craft section, though.)

Mary: I am sleeping with one eye open. This is so disturbing.

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Relax in your homemade leisure suit

Sewing for Men and Boys
Simplicity Pattern Corp

Time to get groovy with your sewing machine! The 1970s come alive for all the men in your life. Casual wear to a snappy suit can be yours with this sewing book. I will just let these pictures speak for themselves.

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest public library. Leisure suit optional.


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