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Getting Crafty

Looking to make something? This the category that includes crafts, decorating, DIY, and repair materials.

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Trash to Treasure?


Trash to Treasure: The Recycler’s Guide to Creative Crafts
Van Wagner Childs

Submitter: Here’s a treasure that I found while weeding. I’m pretty sure that 1996 wants her hairstyle and crafts back. These days, people use Pinterest and newer craft books for recycled crafts. The book is dated and beaten up, so it’s off to the trash.

Holly: This is a great topic for a craft book for a public library! It’s just really dated, and this particular copy is not in the best shape. I’m with Submitter: Pinterest and new books on this topic are a better option. On a side note, the lamp is kind of cute, but the Easter Surprise Box is a bit over-the-top. My Grandma might like it, I guess…


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Doesn’t everyone need a tilting furnace?


Build an Oil-Fired Tilting Furnace

Submitter: What could possibly go wrong? To be fair, I think this is a carefully written book by a completely competent author, and in the right hands it’s fine. It’s the On-The-Shelf-At-The-Public-Library-“What could possibly go wrong?” thing that makes me laugh. I mean, a tilting 55-gallon drum of molten aluminum — no problem!

Holly: This looks waaaaay older than 2002. It might be popular in rural areas or anywhere that homesteading is popular. Submitter is probably right that this could end badly in the wrong hands! See the disclaimer page included below. Smart move, Chastain.


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Stylish Vests for the Knitting Librarian

The Best Vests Ever
Volume 1
Patrons & Baldwins, Inc.

How about a stylish vest for your wardrobe? Dump the cardigan and think about pairing these lovely vests with your best sensible shoes.

Knitting books are usually a good bet in my library but I think we can keep these vests (and the makeup) firmly in 1985.


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