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Tie Dye Art

Tie And Dye as a Present Day Craft

Submitter: This came back in the shipment today, which means it’s still circulating! It’s the only copy left in our system. The other five are marked as lost. It’s circulated a total of 53 times since being re-added to the system in 2003. And of course, what few pictures there are are in black and white, but it’s mostly illustrations!

I mean, yes, tie dye is still popular and there’s some good stuff in there – but color pictures would be nice and there’s new products out there by now to make it even easier. While some of the things in this book might no longer exist!

Holly: This seems to be a book for serious tie-dyers! If you want to really design some fancy tie-dye, there’s all kinds of designs and techniques. In that regard, I can see having one copy available in large public libraries. But FIVE? If space is at a premium at your library and you have some teens who want to tie dye some t-shirts, there are plenty of more current options out there. Weed this in favor of something a little more colorful and less complicated. Tie dye really has stood the test of time better than some 60′s crafts. Whenever it is offered at our library as a program it is very popular.

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Submitter: The purpose of the book isn’t exactly clear. It doesn’t explain how to create Hanimations for yourself. It’s not a story about these creatures. It’s just…pictures of this guy’s painted hands? And in some pictures, an unusual amount of arm hair. More arm hair than is typically expected in books in the children’s department. It was last checked out in 1996. Added to the weed pile!

Holly: It’s actually kind of clever, in a creeptastic kind of way. You have to look closely in some of the pictures to figure out how many hands there are. You’d swear there were three or four hands in some of them, but I think they’re all the work of hairy-arm guy himself (although the peacock pictured below has suspiciously delicate wrists…). If it hasn’t circulated in 18 years, it’s probably a safe weeder.

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Men, Dogs, and Knitting

“Men Who Knit & the Dogs Who Love Them: 30 Great-Great Looking Designs for Man & His Best Friend”
Modessit and Emborsky

Submitter: This book appeals to a worldwide audience of maybe five people: namely dudes who are into knitting matching man/dog Rasta hats.

Thankfully there are tons of full-page pictures featuring inexplicably euphoric men posing next to dogs that look itchy, confused, and more than a little annoyed.

In the introduction, the author writes, “I love men – and I adore dogs, too.” And that giving a dog one of these sweaters “generally results in an orgy of tail wagging, so be warned!” She concludes with, “Happy knitting, all you cool men out there!”

I think this book should have been called, “Men Who Knit & the Dogs Who Hate Them : 30 Wardrobe Fails for ‘Man’ and his Dejected Bondservant.”

Holly: Men who knit are dead sexy, but this is an odd collection of pictures and patterns. It’s almost like adding a dog makes it more manly to be knitting; like dudes can’t just knit sweaters and hats for themselves because they want to. The matchy-matchy man and dog bit feels like a gimmick. Knit on, fellas. With or without your dog.

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