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Do It!

McCall’s Golden Do-It Book
Wyckoff, Comstock, and Dugan

Submitter: When you get bored, what do you do? I reach for my trusty McCall’s Golden DO-IT BOOK. There is so much you can do with the DO-IT book, but my favorite is to make GAY CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS. I weeded this book many years ago, but it remains on my desk in my office, because every time I see it I just have to laugh.

Holly: This reminds me of another ALB favorite: The McCall’s Giant Golden Make-It Book. Not only can you DO IT, but you can also MAKE IT (although if they have you MAKING gay Christmas ornaments in the DO IT book, I don’t see the point in having two separate titles.). Of course, they just meant “happy” Christmas ornaments, but times and vernacular have changed since 1960. I kind of want to make that clown on the cover of this book and give it to Mary for her birthday.


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Tin Can Crafts

Tin-Can Crafting

Submitter: We just weeded this book from our library at a community college. This one is funny really only because of its age. Do they make tin cans anymore? The first chapter is called “Appeal of Tin-Can Crafting” including the statement:

“Aside from the necessary tools you will seldom have to purchase any materials. (True, you may buy-and eat-some weird and exotic concoctions because of the shape of their containers appeals to you and you want them to create tin-can ‘masterpieces’.”

Includes a chart of can sizes needed for a given project, for example: “25-lb lard can, or can that egg yolks are packed in for bakeries; 3 No. 2 cans (chili, dog food or other), No. 10 can-vegetables, flavoring for ice cream and other products for restaurant use come in this size can.”

Holly: My grandfather had a “tin man” made from aluminum cans, which I always thought was kind of neat. (Similar to this.) This isn’t the worst idea for a crafting book subject, but there plenty of  more current books to choose from that have nice color photos and a  nice, current-looking cover. This also reminds me of the fact that at one of my bridal showers <shudder! I hate bridal showers!> some old aunt thought it would be really clever to give me a box full of canned food, but with the labels all torn off. The Hubs and I opened mystery cans of food for months. Had I been more clever, I could have made a “masterpiece” out of them. My loss.

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Crap for Christmas

Farm Journal Christmas Book

Submitter: This book was checked out in 1974 and not returned to us until this week. I guess someone thinks we might want to add it back to our collection, but I think we’ll skip it. Between the scary jello-based food, the horrid-looking craft projects, and some of the politically incorrect gifts to make, it was hard to decide what to include.  So here’s jewels-in-a-ring with a “new” type of cream cheese frosting, some unidentifiable papier-mache products, and an apron for the woman of the house (a.k.a. the vice-president). Looks like a lot of libraries still own this…

Holly: Nothing says the birth of Jesus like jello salad and papier-mache! Really, though, you can update your Christmas crafts books to this millennium.

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