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Skirtains, Anyone?

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Alchemy Arts: Recycling is Chic
MacKay and Jennings

This book was recently weeded from a medium sized public library for a complete lack of check-outs. It’s not awful, exactly, but definitely a little weird. The examples are described in general terms, but there aren’t really exact directions or patterns or anything. I think it’s meant to inspire more than instruct.

Books like this are confusing to me. They’re interesting for creative types, I suppose. They just don’t seem very practical. Do people really wear playing card hats (below) and dresses made from ties (also below)? The word “recycling” in the title is definitely going to garner attention, since that’s something we can all get on board with.

All you crafty/sewing types, please weigh in! Wonderful or weird?


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Home Decor

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Creative Home Decorations You Can Make: Low-Cost Ways to Beautify Your Home

Submitter: I love crafts, and often hit up my local library for a good craft book. This is where I found this absolutely filthy book. Like many craft books from this era, all the images are black and white. The crafts themselves were uninspiring to boot!

Holly: Oooh, a felt clown picture. I know what Mary’s getting for Christmas.

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Knit yourself a toilet cozy

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Knitting For Your Home

Submitter: My local library had this dated book in its crafts section. What caught my eye was the section on knitting for your toilet. I guess that makes sense since we do sit there for a spell each day.

Holly: Indeed we do! Do people still have those toilet tank cozies in their bathrooms? My grandma did in the 80s. Maybe she used this book for inspiration.


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