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Give Thanks For Old Craft Books

Our Thanksgiving Book

Submitter: Here’s a groovy book about Thanksgiving. Miss Berry is a teacher, and she does groovy activities with her class such as pin the feathers on the turkey. The illustrations have some vintage charm, but are not that interesting. The text is kind of dry. Holiday collections are small, and should be filled with current books (or appropriate and interesting classics) that kids want to read.

Holly: “Vintage charm” is one way of putting it. Or, old, dirty, uninspired, irrelevant, lame… In the age of Pinterest, craft books like this are less useful. Yes, yes, we still buy craft books for children in public and school libraries. We’re not going to stop. In fact, it’s one of the biggest parts of the youth 700s in my library. Kids (and parents and teachers) love ’em! I guarantee they’re more interested in something from this decade than they are in “vintage charm.” That said, if you have the space, create a “vintage” collection or display. How cool would that be? Right? It’s all about context.

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Making Puppets Come Alive

Making Puppets Come Alive
Engler and Fijan

Submitter: The pictures are not nearly as scary as the cover led me to believe, but this book is in definite need of an upgrade. My personal favorite is the listing of puppetry organizations – there are only two! I did a quick Google search and was able to locate more than a dozen just on one website! If puppetry is popular with your patrons, get them a better book.

Holly: The title is a little creepy, too. Let’s not make puppets come alive. Ever.

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Submitter: I work for a tiny academic library. Shortly before I was hired the library accepted a large donation of books. These books were added to the catalog but then most were put in storage due to lack of shelf space. The book listed below I recently found in storage and it would not be useful to students here. It has since been weeded.

Holly: OMG, there is more than one tin craft book in the world?? Maybe it was a “thing” back in the day. Remember this one?


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