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Getting Crafty

Looking to make something? This the category that includes crafts, decorating, DIY, and repair materials.

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Groovy Men’s Wear to Sew

It’s easy to sew Men’s Wear

It was the cover of this book that got me laughing. The styles! These guys look like they are headed out to some neighborhood swinging cocktail party for a key exchange. Maybe it is the porn stache on the guy with the red shirt and super wide tie. I also like the guy with the striped bellbottoms in the picture below. Everyone looks so groovy. Fashion retrospective not withstanding, I would imagine the techniques are sound, maybe put this gem in costuming for all those kids who want to dress up as swingers for Halloween?



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What Would Jesus Craft: 30 Simple Projects for Making a Blessed Home

If you are Christian and easily offended, please stop reading right now. This book may push you right over the edge. For everyone else, here goes nothing.

Here at ALB our standard fare consists of “it’s old,” “it’s irrelevant,” “it’s dirty,” and “it’s wrong for this library.” This book is none of those. It’s just odd. It’s not a bad choice for a public library, depending on your community (and their sense of humor…), it just tickled us and we simply have to share. Please click on the images below to see them in their full-sized glory. You won’t want to miss any detail, trust me.

What, in fact, would Jesus craft? Keep the Faith Flops? An Eye-See-You-In-Hell Mirror? A Lucky Lottery Ticket Caddy? These items and more can be yours with holy cards and glitter and a little sacrilege creativity.

Break out the crucifixes and have at it!

In Jesus name we craft,



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Get Rich with Printcrafts!


Printcrafts for Fun and Profit

Submitter: Straight out of the craft section of my local public library.  Here is Printcrafts for Fun and Profit. I love the old mimeograph machine. I last used one in elementary school in 1986. That was a blast from the past. I love the section that teaches you how to create those scary ransom notes from the newspaper.

Holly: Whatever the person on the cover is doing doesn’t look like fun, and it’s so inefficient compared to today’s technology that it can’t be very profitable, either.


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