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Friday Fiction

Most Fridays we feature a fiction title that is usually anything pulp, odd covers, odd titles and anything else worth discussing! These are NOT necessarily awful.

Pam’s Hot Tub

Pam’s Hot Tub
Basic Reader Series
Mayr and Allen

Submitter: Our public library just completed its Summer Weeding Club.  We created a “hall of shame” on which we posted the best of the worst, and voted to select the worst of the worst.  Pam’s Hot Tub won by a mile.   Number 8 in the Northwest Co-operative Labs’ Basic Reader Series, the twelve-page booklet tells the cautionary tale of the consequences of eating too many hot dogs before taking a dip in the Jacuzzi.  Written by Ann Morton and illustrated with Thurber-esque simplicity by Teresa Allen, 1981.

Holly: Wow, sounds absolutely titillating!  And that cover – they spared no expense for an illustrator, did they?  This looks horrible, and the story sounds really dumb.  I thought “basic readers” were supposed to be a high-interest, low-vocabulary type of thing for adults learning to read.  Thank goodness there are better literacy materials available these days!

Fiction Feature

The focus of  Awful Library Books has always been on non-fiction.  A few fiction submissions have come in, though, that are just too funny not to post!

Blissful Joy and the SATs: A Multiple-Choice Romance

Submitter: I saw this in the library and had to take a picture (it’s my facebook profile picture now)!

Holly: “Her life moves along as carefully planned until sixteen-year-old Bliss is befriended one day on the subway by a stray dog.”  (Click here for the worldcat entry.) Hmmm, misleading title!  First, I thought it was a non-fiction book about how euphoric it is to take the SATs. That couldn’t possibly be right (although I have now seen stranger things…), so I took a second look.  Sure enough, it’s fiction.  A story about someone in a state of euphoria about taking the SATs, then?  Nope – the character’s name is Bliss.  Disappointing!

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Romance in the Stacks

Jinny Williams Library Assistant
Temkin and Hovell

Can our young modern girl find love in her local library?  Our girl Jinny moves through the stacks looking for love in all the wrong places. Maybe it will be the cute guy downloading inappropriate material from the Internet. Maybe it will be that ultra sexy new librarian who keeps “checking her out”. Maybe she will get a couple of cats and head off to library school and get her MLS.  Grab this page turner and find out!