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Friday Fiction

Most Fridays we feature a fiction title that is usually anything pulp, odd covers, odd titles and anything else worth discussing! These are NOT necessarily awful.

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The Deviates! Friday Fiction


The Deviates
(Formerly published as the Secret People)

A little science fiction blast from the past! In the not too distant future all reproduction is under the guise of the Genetics Bureau. Chief of the bureau, Robert Welton is creating a colony with the few normal women left. Of course they have his improved genes and live in a hidden colony in the Canadian wilderness.  Of course this secret gets out and before you know it there is a hunt for the “secret people”.  Deviates are to be feared.

I have only started this book, but so, far I am sold. Yes, I was seduced by the cover art in case anyone asks. (I am an easy mark for good covers.)


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AIDS in the End Zone

AIDS in the End Zone
Albright, Gavigan, and Petrulis

Submitter: I thought it was odd that this book looked so sharp since it was clearly from the early 80s… but its copyright is 2014. I thought maybe it was written by Jack Chick or Doris Sanford… but its authors are purportedly academic professionals. They say they wrote the book in conjunction with some incarcerated teenagers, but that’s really no excuse for how bad it is. You’ve got to read it if you can, because it’s so offensive, you won’t believe it. It’s like Tyler Perry’s Temptation in graphic novel form. There’s a little devil on different characters’ shoulders to emphasize the moral failings of those who develop diseases.

The story in short is that Brad gets mad at Marcus, so he ORDERS Maria to have sex with Marcus. Marcus thus gets HIV after one encounter. Then Brad and Maria GO TO JAIL. Don’t worry. Marcus lives happily ever after.

Holly: It definitely sounds like a creepy premise for a story, although some people like creepy stories, I guess – so I’m not sure if it’s an official awful “library” book or just an awful book! Fiction is weird that way. One person’s outrage is another person’s absolute glee. I’m posting it here so you all can talk it over and decide for yourselves. Maybe the authors meant to exaggerate the situation to make a point, like a “literary” graphic novel. The GoodReads blurb says “A graphic novella that promotes HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention to teens and young adults.” So…maybe?

More AIDS Scares:

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Friday Fiction: White Squaw

White Squaw: Hot Pursuit

Submitter: This is not a library book, but someone put it in the book drop. wow. Is this a series? Are there White Squaw books 1-17? Wasn’t 1989 a little late for this kind of racism? Thanks for the donation, kind library patron, but I think this will end up at the friends of the library book sale!

Holly: Good call on your part, but sadly it exists in a number of other libraries around the country. And yes, there is a whole series of White Squaw books including Sioux WildfireBoomtown Bust, and my personal favorites Virgin Territory, Virgin  Buckskin Bombshell, and Red Top Tramp.

More Native Americans:

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Let’s Play Indians

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Native Americans

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