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Friday Fiction

Every Friday we feature a fiction title that showcases librarian/library themes, pulp fiction, old or odd titles. These aren’t necessarily awful!

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Friday Fiction: Big Planet


Big Planet

Big Planet is home some of the rejects and ne’er do wells floating around the galaxy. Very earthlike, but much larger, hence the name Big Planet. Good guy Claude Glystra and his team are going to finally clean up and stop the slave trade and arms importing on the planet. Of course, they run into trouble and have to make their way back to the Earth Enclave, the safest point. This means having to deal with some petty tyrants and other folks who want them gone. Like a Star Trek landing party, they run into some interesting societies and customs along the way.

Vance had an expansive career and died last May at age 96.  He had quite the career. You can read the Wikipedia article here.


More Science Fiction:

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Stress Pattern

Time Pivot (don’t miss the cover art!)

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I’m a Nurse, Not a Woman


Nurse into Woman
1948 (original copyright 1941)

Our herioine Kristine says she is going to be a nurse, not a woman. (I guess they are mutually exclusive.) But our gal Kristine has two possible guys that are quite sure she really needs to be a woman, handsome Captain Jim and super doctor Lee Bowen. Any guesses on the outcome? I think we already know that her destiny is to be a woman rather than a nurse.


More Nurse Fiction

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Nurses Dormitory

Prison Nurse

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Susan Brown, Camp Counselor


Susan Brown, Camp Counselor

Romance and thrilling adventure await! Susan is a college student doing her bit as a camp counselor for a summer job. Naturally, she meets John Clayton, a much older man who is also at camp for the summer. Susan’s junior counselor is Anne Verity, who is described as “healthy” and “developed’”. She is 17 and probably too old for camp, but her mother wants to go to Europe for the summer and her “healthy” daughter might be distracting. Anne isn’t too keen on all these arrangments, so naturally there is some trouble.

Of course there are camp pranks, competition and other camp stuff rounding out this story. Of course Susan and John are together by the end of the book and there wasn’t as much thrilling adventure as I wished.


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