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Friday Fiction

Most Fridays we feature a fiction title that is usually anything pulp, odd covers, odd titles and anything else worth discussing! These are NOT necessarily awful.

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Friday Fiction – Questionable Cover Art

The Thing About Georgie

Submitter: I found this while weeding my school library. It isn’t an awful book, but it is a pretty unfortunate cover — a middle grade book with a hanging? After some discussion my coworkers and I decided that this was supposed to show the main character (a boy with dwarfism) sitting on a chair with his legs dangling, but I can’t get past the appearance of suicide. You’ve got to wonder who approved this…

Holly: Um, yeah – that made my mind go straight to hanging too. Context is important in books for kids! Maybe they could have shown just the edge of the chair with the dangling legs? Not an awful library book, but a questionable cover for sure.

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Fratricide is a GAS!

Fratricide is a Gas

Our guy Dilke is the first to be miniaturized to help earth solve over crowding problems. Essentially, everyone needs to get small so there is more room. Dilke is a “microagent” and is looking for the source of some poison gas. I guess since he is miniturized, now your every day bugs are giant killer monsters. Sounds scary to me. All I can think of is a roach motel as a hiding place, but I bet that wouldn’t be good for miniature  humans either.


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Another crappy guy saved by a nice girl

There Came a Tyrant

Here is another standard from the world of romance: tyrannical boss/friend/lover transformed by the love of a good woman. This time our story is set in the RAF and you can just feel the sexism.  Add in parents pressuring marriage and we have a super fun romantic story. Simoni just needs to ride out this nightmare so everyone can move on.  Naturally, “love” conquers all and Creepy boss Kent and Simoni finally end up together.


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