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Friday Fiction

Most Fridays we feature a fiction title that is usually anything pulp, odd covers, odd titles and anything else worth discussing! These are NOT necessarily awful.

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Friday Fiction: Stranger on the Beach


Stranger on the Beach

Yet another example of the tired “guy is a jerk until the right woman comes along” trope for your consideration. You can almost predict the meet (not) cute and the impending “romance”. You know, cuz girls secretly like the jerky, moody types. (Isn’t misogyny cute?)

Anyway, our gal Anna has taken up residence in a friend’s seaside cottage when she wanders into the ever so moody Roc Farrant. (Honestly, the name should have been a solid warning.) He is a jerk, but that’s okay. He just needs the right woman to understand his deep, artistic soul.

I think I threw up in my mouth.


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NLW15: Another Romance in the Stacks

The Library Tree

As we close out National Library Week, we have yet another romance in the stacks. Our librarian wanna-be is Carolyn, who got the job at the library thanks to her powerful and connected uncle. Naturally, the handsome director is a complete jerk and a political “enemy” of Carolyn’s uncle and doesn’t want her on the staff. Uncle and his cohorts on the board override his concerns and she is hired. Aside from the jerk boss, Carolyn likes the job.

The boss is still not happy and is undermining Carolyn or yelling at her for one thing or another. Carolyn, however, finally gets to a point that she is going to resign.  WHEN SUDDENLY, the long lost dad who abandoned her years ago contacts her and wants to reconcile. Of course he is dying. Literally. Jerk director man drives her to the hospital and tells the father he is Carolyn’s fiance. Jerk director guy wants her dying father to know she will be “taken care of.” THE BIG REVEAL: He really loves her and wants her to go to library school. Cue the music.

I know all of you are wiping your tears and are so happy for Carolyn now that she has everything: a library career AND a man!

Happy National Library Week everyone! I hope all of you got lots of praise and cash this week.


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Friday Fiction: Rise of the Cat Overlords

Breed to Come

Who isn’t going to pick up a book with a cat dressed up with a hat on the cover? If it is also an Andre Norton title, then double bonus!

This particular title, set in the future, examines the aftermath of a planetary disaster involving a devastating virus. Leaving behind a ruined planet, humans took off for greener pastures. In the mess of what was left, a band of cats evolved into a complex, intelligent society. The humans, referred to as the Demons, have now returned. What will happen to this society and the peaceful earth now that the humans have returned?

I can’t wait to find out!



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