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Friday Fiction

Every Friday we feature a fiction title that showcases librarian/library themes, pulp fiction, old or odd titles. These aren’t necessarily awful!

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Are You My Dad? – Friday Fiction


Following the Mystery Man

When I saw this cover art, I thought it had ALB potential based on the cover. It looked old and the creepy porn glasses on the guy gave me pause. Too bad, because the book isn’t too bad. It’s dated, but very readable.

Madigan Maloney is in a small town living with her grandmother. Madigan’s mother died a long time ago and she never met her father. However, a stranger comes to town and rents a room from her grandmother. He is initially somewhat charming and Madigan is convinced he is her long lost father. Of course there is a darker side and plenty of intrigue and danger as the story unfolds. Of course, nothing is what it seems.  I like this theme of identity and initial impressions. Put a contemporary cover on this book and it might go over well in this day and age.


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The Legitimate Rape of Andrea

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Friday Fiction: Forbidden Friendships

The Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tinman: A Novelette About Forbidden Friendships

Submitter: Found this gem in a highly specialized corporate library focusing on science subjects. I’m not sure if it is an advice book, a dating book, an erotic novel, or something else entirely. It was published by a local vanity press that I don’t think exists anymore. Bonus points to us because it is signed by the author!!

Holly: This is definitely a strange choice for a corporate science library! How did it get there, and why? I wish we had more internal pages to share than just the one below, since it is described as a “novelette.” The page submitted looks more like a non-fiction advice/dating book, as the submitter suggests. Is there a story here? Submitter is safe in weeding it from their library, though, don’t you think?

More Forbidden Friendships:

Pirate Sex

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The Man Who Loved Clowns: Friday Fiction

The Man Who Loved Clowns

I automatically have issues with anything clown related. Naturally, many of my co-workers and friends feel obligated to send me any clown related books. This is one of those suggestions.

Delerita is an 8th grader and a loner. She would rather do wood carving and hang out with her uncle Punky, who has Down Syndrome. Then Delerita’s parents are killed in a car accident. Now Aunt Queenie has ideas about how they are going to take care of Punky. Delerita steps up and everyone learns a valuable lesson about family. To be honest, whatever the story, it is the cover art that kills this book.The blank stares are just creepy.


Cover art creeps:

Something is really wrong

Under the Sea

My Eyes! My Eyes!

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