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Friday Fiction

Every Friday we feature a fiction title that showcases librarian/library themes, pulp fiction, old or odd titles. These aren’t necessarily awful!

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Friday Fiction: Suddenly Love


Suddenly Love

This time our “meet cute” features our gal Beth hitting her guy–with her car. Fortunately, he is not hurt and she tends to the few scrapes with some basic first aid. Then the flirting begins. She then realizes she is hanging out with no less than superstar actor, racecar driver, model, heir to a wine fortune and general hot guy, Corey Fletcher. Oh yeah and he exudes “raw sexual power”. What is not to love?

Even though the couple on this cover look like they are in terrible pain, I think these two kids will end up together.


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Friday Fiction: Wolf at the Door


Wolf at the Door

Again we have nice set up: Our gal Kelly is ready to take on a Canadian mining camp where she is to be in charge of catering for all those hungry miners. Her dad is sick and she is covering for him. Grey Scofield (yes, that is his real name!) thinks she isn’t qualified and treats her like dirt. Naturally, she is attracted to this jerk. You know the type: tough exterior but “misunderstood”. He just needs the right woman to unlock his “charm”.  By the end of the book these two are hitched.  Seriously, Kelly, you can do better, than a Bert Convy knockoff.


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Friday Fiction – The Whole Nine Yards

The Whole Nine Yards

Submitter: This was in my vocational-technical high school library collection. Ugh; teenagers have just so moved on from here – but maybe adults haven’t? I say this because today’s teens have moved on from the obviously dated cover image and title, combined with the book-jacket blurb. It looks like a bad 1980’s comedy film, or a contemporary parody of one. Our society’s attitudes and media have fostered more maturity about relationships for most teenagers that use this library, rendering this book almost comical. But, have adults moved on? Checkout the sample text! It could have been pulled from the early pages of 50 Shades! This book was apparently borrowed 13 times, 1991-2005. I hope it inspired at least one boy to “find the strength to confront his immaturity…”

Holly: If it hasn’t gone out in ten years and it was written for an audience of teens who are now in their 40s, let it go. I do love the cropped tank top on the guy on the cover, though.

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