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Friday Fiction

Every Friday we feature a fiction title that showcases librarian/library themes, pulp fiction, old or odd titles. These aren’t necessarily awful!

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Friday Fiction – Chilly Billy

Chilly Billy

Submitter: I found this rather bizarre children’s story accidentally miss-shelved in our easy readers. Chilly Billy is a small little man that lives in a refrigerator. The story recounts his many adventures roaming around vegetables, training for the trans-refrigerator races and falling in love with his nurse! I don’t think the safety warning inside the front cover is enough. Even though refrigerator deaths have declined significantly since refrigerators were redesigned in the 1950′s (by force of law), it is still not outside the realm of possibility. Children have active imaginations and I could easily see one deciding to climb into a refrigerator to look for Billy. Scary thought.

Other problems with the book include its format. The larger size doesn’t fit on the same shelf as other chapter books. Pages are loose and yellowing. The book hasn’t circulated since 2001. It’s past time for it to be gone (and this one will be heading to File 13 instead of the Friend’s Book Sale).

Holly: Cute book! I agree that the format is a little difficult for library shelving, though. The bigger problem for me is that it seems like a topic for a younger child – maybe kindergarten or so – but the vocabulary and sentence structures are somewhat advanced. It just doesn’t read like a book for the age group that this subject would appeal to. That said, I’d weed it because it hasn’t circulated in 13 years and has yellowing pages.

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Friday Fiction – Fear Street

Cheerleaders: The Third Evil
Fear Street

Submitter: My middle school students love the Goosebumps series, but this little gem hasn’t left the shelves since 2005. I think the line on the front is my favorite: “Fight, fight, fight or die, die, die!” Sounds like a great companion to a B horror movie like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

Holly: I remember when these were popular. It’s hard to believe this one was 22 years ago! In most cases I would say these are an easy weeder if they don’t circulate anymore. However… R.L. Stine is apparently bringing these back in October 2014, so you might want to hang onto them for the resurgence in popularity. That said, I would only give them one more school year to show some circulation action. If your students aren’t into it, move on to something else.


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Friday Fiction: Counterfeit Wife

Counterfeit Wife

How about a mystery for the weekend? Halliday had a long career with his Michael Shane mysteries. I knew I had heard of Michael Shayne, but didn’t put it together with this book. There were a series of Michael Shayne detective movies featuring Lloyd Nolan in the 1940s. Goodreads has this ranked high and I am putting this on my “to read” list.



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