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For the Kids

Books for the kids

To catch a predator

Never Say Yes To A Stranger

I plucked this from a youth non fiction collection of a small library.  Was ready to toss just because its old, but the content starting creeping me out and I kept thinking this was a bit too graphic and scary for youth.   This book is filled with kidnapping scenarios that would scare the wits out of anyone.  I like the idea of stranger awareness but this one is just too much.  Using photos, the author illustrates an actual abduction and resolution.  Very detailed.  Keep in mind I have only included about half the number of pictures, but you will get the drift of the story. Continue reading

Sally Can’t See

Sally Can’t See

Submitter: The highlight of the book is right there on the cover.  A poor blind child with a bird on her head.

Holly: This book is definitely outdated.  It isn’t so bad otherwise, but I’m sure we could offer a book about how modern kids cope with blindness. There’s no mention here of new technology like screen readers, which is what kids would be interested in knowing today.  I mean, how does Sally read her email?


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I Can Be a Lawyer

I Can Be A Lawyer

Submitter: Someone actually submitted an ILL request for this book.  I gave it out in hopes that it would not find its way home.  Unfortunately, like the proverbial cat, it came back.  It, and a few of its brethren, were summarily weeded.  You will note that men are lawyers and women are assistants.  If the massive blocks on their desks were not described as being computers, I doubt the children reading the book would know what they were.  It is also good to know that “many lawyers” use computers.

Holly: There seems to be no end to this delightful series.  Career books go out of date so fast!