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For the Kids

Books for the kids

Paper Toys


Folding Paper Toys
Lewis and Oppenheimer

Submitter: I love this book! The illustrations are large, clear and easy to understand. The great thing is that you can play with the things you make. I remember making many of these types of things when I was young. This book was weeded from the children’s area in a small public library. Our library has had it since 1963 and it has clearly been loved and well used. Most recent circulation was 2004. If it wasn’t for the condition, I would hang on to this one.

Holly: Cute. I’d still weed it because the images are so dated, but the content is still practical, I guess. A quick search on Pinterest came up with all kinds of cute – and current – projects, so that’s a better option than this. Shari Lewis was fantastic, though, wasn’t she?



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Small Wolf


Small Wolf

Submitter: I found this lovely lesson in racism in our Early Readers section. I would hesitate to share this with any child without lots of explanation, but particularly not with a child just learning to read. Yikes!

Holly: I’m dying to know what happened in the story! Submitter included a page where someone or something was shot, and there was a thunk…what was it?? Really, though, let’s let this one go to the great fairy tale Thanksgiving in the sky (also known as the Friends of the Library Book Sale).


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How to Write a Great School Report

How to Write a Great School Report - cover

How to Write a Great School Report
James and Barkin

Submitter: We found this on the shelves at our public library this year, and kept it as an example for staff. The sections on how to find information in a physical card catalog, and how to format a paper – handwritten in cursive; would not be particularly helpful to students writing a report today. The instructions are pre-Internet, so a number of problems if a student today tried to use it for a reference.

Holly: Oh good, just what our high school and college patrons need! Never mind those pesky library databases that we spend thousands on, and don’t bother with word processing software either. Heck, changes in citation styles are probably just “suggestions” too. What could possibly go wrong if a student uses this for report-writing help?


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