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Geography for the kids

Earthsearch : A Kids’ Geography Museum in a Book

Submitter: This book is a fun hands on exploration of the earth’s geography. The book has been well used and loved based on its current state. There are several things that make this an awful library book. The first are the removable coins in the back cover. There was an attempt to keep the coins contained with the addition of tape, but clearly that didn’t work very well. Where did those two missing coins go? This book was shelved on a bottom shelf within easy reach of toddlers, so a definite safety hazard. The rice has most likely gone rancid and would make a child sick if eaten. Wrinkled pages and pages that are pulling away from the spiral binding…it’s time to go.

Holly: What a cool book! For a gift or home use, that is. It is a horrible format for public libraries. Between the spiral binding, the tabs sticking out, the bag of rice, and the loose coins, this is about as bad as it gets for public library use.

More Bad Formats:

Tuna Chip Casserole or Tomato Cheese Delight?

Gourmet Eggs and Fish

Recipes from the East

And More Bad Science:

Blinding Me With SCIENCE

Sliding Into Science

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Make History Fun with Cartoons!

Leaders of America
Capsule Biographies of over 260 Famous Personalities

This one I found when I was weeding the juvenile nonfiction. Of course it is old and worn out, but take a look at these cartoon illustrations. The color palette is awful and everyone looks like they had some kind of tanning booth accident. I get that this is to mimic the newspaper comic panels (because the kids dig the funny papers!) and the content isn’t that bad. They actually have a few women and minorities represented. Will a kid from this century want to use this book? Not a chance.


More History for the Kids:

Lifestyles of the Ancient Britons

Michigan, My Michigan

Modern World

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Everyone into the Pool!

A Child’s Way to Water Play

This book is pretty good for content. As a fan of swimming, (and safety!) this book shows parents and educators how water play can do a lot for child development and allay fears of water. All good stuff.

However, I am not a big fan of the cover art and I think the illustrations are a bit hokey for a book geared to educators and parents. Thankfully, Shank has upgraded to new edition for 2013. I think we can safely weed this edition for the newer, prettier one.

Serious weeding tip of the day:  If the authors and publishers think it needs updating, that should be your first clue to update your own copy.


Swimming around:

Swimming and Diving

My Learn to Swim Book

Don’t worry! I will save you!

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