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Friday Fiction: Boy with the Dinosaur Hands

Boy with Dinosaur Hands 1.jpg


The Boy with Dinosaur Hands: Nine Tales of the Real and Unreal

Submitter: There are so many things going on with this book…a kid with dinosaur hands, horrible writing, crazy chapter titles, and the illustrations!  The worst part is that we have TWO copies of it in our Library!  Apparently the previous Librarian enjoyed it so much she ordered a second copy. From a middle school library.

Holly: There are definitely kids who will go for something like this. I’m not sure it warrants multiple copies unless it is a huge hit in your library for some reason! Maybe it’s grooming the next generation for weird sci-fi like this?


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Bodily Harm is Fun!

The Great American Book of Sidewalk, Stoop, Dirt, Curb, and Alley Games

Submitter: I had passed this over several times myself for weeding because we get questions about “old games” and by title this seemed to fit the bill nicely. Today I actually looked inside. The pictures are black and white 1970s in all their glory. Some of the games are what you would think… hopscotch, stick ball and the like. Then you would come across ones like Cans Up, the Tire Game and Johnny Rides a Pony. (See pictures) Oh and let’s not forget Mumbledy Peg. I can see a spate of lawsuits stemming from children playing the games in this book.

Holly: Can’s Up: otherwise known as “Ass Ball.” And Mumblety-Peg: it’s all fun and games until someone loses a finger or is impaled in the dirt. Good times.

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Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack

Jumprope1.jpg Jump Rope Rhymes

Submitter:  This was a donation, apparently removed from some other library many years ago, and someone thought we just might like it. It looks ancient and dirty (I had to majorly improve some of the images so they’re readable), smells very strongly (and not in a nice, old book, way), and the rhymes, although indeed I have encountered many of them in ancient children’s fiction, are not exactly suitable for 2016—a little too much nudity and political incorrectness, among other things. I scanned as many pages as I could before the disgusting factor got too high.

Holly: I am embarrassed to admit that I know the words to many, many jump rope rhymes. In fact, many of these are familiar to me. My jump rope days are long gone, though, and this book should go away too – especially if it is smelly and dirty. And yet, there are quite a few owning libraries out there, according to WorldCat!

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