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Potatoes: All About Them

Submitter: I can’t imagine a better way to turn children off of reading nonfiction than to hand them this book. The information in it is still mostly accurate, but the illustrations are so horribly dated that it’s no surprise this one hasn’t left the shelves since 2007. Time to replace this with a book containing full-color photographs.

Holly: You know what kids really need? A book about potatoes. Maybe a whole series! They could follow this one up with “Yams: Your Friend and Mine.” That said, if there is a current book with nice color pictures about potatoes and a jazzier title and presentation, it would definitely be an improvement. Folks in Idaho might find it useful!

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Are You My Dad? – Friday Fiction


Following the Mystery Man

When I saw this cover art, I thought it had ALB potential based on the cover. It looked old and the creepy porn glasses on the guy gave me pause. Too bad, because the book isn’t too bad. It’s dated, but very readable.

Madigan Maloney is in a small town living with her grandmother. Madigan’s mother died a long time ago and she never met her father. However, a stranger comes to town and rents a room from her grandmother. He is initially somewhat charming and Madigan is convinced he is her long lost father. Of course there is a darker side and plenty of intrigue and danger as the story unfolds. Of course, nothing is what it seems.  I like this theme of identity and initial impressions. Put a contemporary cover on this book and it might go over well in this day and age.


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