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For the Kids

Books for the kids

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Hollywood Dogs

Red Carpet Pups

I have a pet peeve about animals in outfits. Just no. They always look embarrassed. However, I am quite sure that there is an audience for this book. Kristin Stewart and Niki Menaj fans, maybe?

The copy I looked at was as sturdy as a magazine, but I would probably keep it. There is just no accounting for taste.


More Pet Books:

On All Fours

Men, Dogs and Knitting

Cat Flexing

On the Catwalk

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Those Deadly Strangers

The Dangers of Strangers
Vogel and Goldner

Stranger Danger was all the rage in the 80s. I think this particular book takes the cake in victim blaming and scaring the crap out of any kid and adult. (I slept with the light on after I read this book.) Nice graphic scenarios on kidnapping are laid out in color for the kids to really get a feel for the terror. Not much on prevention either. I guess the kids are doomed. The message was loud and clear: Don’t let this happen to you.

Can we PLEASE retire the whole “strangers are scary” genre for the picture book crowd? From what I understand, kids need to be more afraid of people they actually know.


More strangers on the loose:

It’s Okay to Say “Don’t”

Prevent Kidnapping with Stories

To Catch a Predator

Stranger Danger (Again)

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Phonics Phun

The Fantastic Phonics Food Factory
Wilkes and Grogan

Submitter: The Fantastic Phonics Food Factory is neither savory nor sweet.  It is overly spicy and not fit for human consumption. Usually cucumbers get a bad rap but this book equally sexualizes all foods, fruits, vegetables and processed meats. It has been weeded from a high school library. Surprisingly, this book was not subjected to graffiti by our high school students, not so surprisingly, it was never checked out.

Holly: In the immortal words of George Takei, “Ohhh myyyy.”


More Inappropriate Children’s Books:

Redneck Night Before Christmas

Crazy Alphabet

D is for Dying

When Teddy is a Drunk

Dougal the Drunk Bear (What is it with drunk teddy bears?)

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