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Friday Fiction – Chilly Billy

Chilly Billy

Submitter: I found this rather bizarre children’s story accidentally miss-shelved in our easy readers. Chilly Billy is a small little man that lives in a refrigerator. The story recounts his many adventures roaming around vegetables, training for the trans-refrigerator races and falling in love with his nurse! I don’t think the safety warning inside the front cover is enough. Even though refrigerator deaths have declined significantly since refrigerators were redesigned in the 1950′s (by force of law), it is still not outside the realm of possibility. Children have active imaginations and I could easily see one deciding to climb into a refrigerator to look for Billy. Scary thought.

Other problems with the book include its format. The larger size doesn’t fit on the same shelf as other chapter books. Pages are loose and yellowing. The book hasn’t circulated since 2001. It’s past time for it to be gone (and this one will be heading to File 13 instead of the Friend’s Book Sale).

Holly: Cute book! I agree that the format is a little difficult for library shelving, though. The bigger problem for me is that it seems like a topic for a younger child – maybe kindergarten or so – but the vocabulary and sentence structures are somewhat advanced. It just doesn’t read like a book for the age group that this subject would appeal to. That said, I’d weed it because it hasn’t circulated in 13 years and has yellowing pages.

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Steven is Retarded

My Brother Steven is Retarded

Submitter: We found this *horror* while weeding a school library. Perhaps once upon a time this may have been helpful to a elementary/middle school child, but now it’s just awful. And it’s photographs, so Steven is probably still out there, as well as his sister. Can you imagine a sibling bringing this book home today?

Holly: There are definitely better books on the subject (with  more current photographs and terminology) today! The content seems very candid, though, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Kids probably really have these thoughts. I’m with submitter, though – it may have been helpful back in the day but should really be replaced with something more current.

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Spanking vs Doctor Appointment

I’d Rather Get a Spanking Than Go To the Doctor

This title isn’t at all creepy.

Thanks to an alert Twitter follower, I was referred to this title and couldn’t wait to see if someone had it locally. I was not disappointed!

The premise is that a little girl is told she has to go to the doctor for some shots. The girl then lists all the things she would rather do instead including cleaning her room and even getting a spanking. She ends up at doctor’s office and getting her shots. The book never does talk about what actually is involved in getting a shot and the illustrations don’t help explain either.

I understand the point, but the execution is not that great. The book is also stained (God, I hope it is coffee!)  I say weed it and get something newer.



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