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Down with the Sickness

Germs make me sick: A Health Handbook for Kids
Donahue and Capellaro

Submitter: This is a cute little book, that sadly is very out of date. Although I am no longer working in a public library, I have to imagine people would be asking for information on Enterovirus D-68 (EV-D68.), Bird Flu, and Ebola.  Well they’re not in this book. Not a good idea to keep medical advice from 1975.

Holly: Agree! The miserable little characters are adorable, though. Especially the puker on the cover. Nice.


More Sickly Choices:

Diseases From Space

You Are Such a Tight-A$$

Leukemia Man to the Rescue

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Computers from Olden Times

The Computer

I fell in love with this series of books when I lived in the UK. My kids loved these books when they were young.

Of course everyone of a “certain age” will recognize the equipment. How long has it been since anyone has seen a keypunch machine? This is the kind of thing that just makes me feel old. I doubt if anyone under 40 recognizes anything in this book.

I think we can all agree that computers have changed quite a bit since 1971.

In the meantime, enjoy this stroll down memory lane.


More Tech for the kids:

Cool and Cordless

Computers A to Z

Careers in Computers or Mullet Fashion Show? 

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Stacy Had a Little Sister

Stacy Had a Little Sister

Submitter: This book was written to help kids whose families were affected by SIDS [sudden infant death syndrome]. The cover alone is off putting enough for me- Stacy’s parents ooh and ahh over their new baby while Stacy herself seems to be plotting something. Sure enough, in the pages, the….interesting watercolor illustrations lead me to believe that Stacy definitely has more to do with her sister’s death than SIDS alone. She does not like the idea of having a new sister, and as in [the first image, below] seems to be contemplating her a little too seriously. When the big bad does happen we come to [image 2, below] – the adults are talking about what happened during the funeral I think. Stacy, however, looks like she needs to start plotting other accidents…THEY’RE ON TO HER. In the last photo, Stacy regards the picture of her and her sister sadly. Maybe she wouldn’t have minded being a big sister? Nah, being the only child rules!

Holly: Awwww, poor Stacy. I think she just looks sad, and possibly a little jealous of the attention.The second picture just looks to me like she really doesn’t understand what’s going on. I’d like to see more of the text of the story. Does it explain what SIDS is and ensure the child it is not her fault the baby died, even if she was jealous? I’m on the fence about this one until I see more of the storyline. It’s close to 20 years old, though, so it should definitely be looked at for condition and currency of the information provided, if nothing else.

When Bad Things Happen to Good Kids:

End of the World for Kids

Foster Care Fun

Satan for Kids Part 1 and Part 2

Daddy Left Because You Were Bad

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