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Is That a Rocket in Your Pocket?

A Rocket in my Pocket: The Rhymes and Chants of Young America
Withers and Suba


Ooooh, fun! This looks like something every 12-year-old will be clamoring for! Except…they won’t.

This submission comes to us from a middle school library. Yes, middle school. It’s old and dirty, and had to be meant for a younger audience.

This is adorable for a display, and used book shoppers will snatch it up in a heart beat at the used book sale. It’s just old and out of place in a middle school collection.




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Television of Yesteryear

How it works… Television
Edwards and Rogers

I am quite certain our friends in the UK will be familiar with the Ladybird books. I lived in the UK for a couple of years when my children were small, and our home was filled with these books.  My kids loved them. Lots of detail and great illustrations. However, like most nonfiction about technology, it needs to be retired at some point. I do love the illustration of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding as an example of event television.


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Something Is REALLY Wrong

Something Must Be Wrong With Me
A Boy’s Book About Sexual Abuse

Every time I think I won’t find more, they just show up. Long time readers on this site will recognize this author/illustrator right away. Our old friend Doris is back with another compelling issue of our time. (If you are new to this site, start with the all time ALB favorite: Satan for Kids and Satan for Kids Part 2. I am sure it will change your life.)

This time we have a sexual abuse situation involving Dino and the basketball coach. Dino goes to coach’s house and showers with him and evidently poses for a few pictures too. This upsets Dino and he finally tells Mom. Also a magic/god-like dove appears to give Dino some inspirational words. Coach ends up in trouble and on trial and Dino attends a support group and the dove shows up on the last page and gives another inspirational speech and all is right with the world. Another crisis solved in just a few pages.



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