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Not Your Mama’s Archery

First Bow and Arrow: How to use it skillfully for outdoor fun

Submitter: This 1955 book on handling your first bow and arrow is living in the children’s section of my local public library. I was a young boy when I took up archery on a summer vacation. That was the late 80’s and by that point our bows were made of fiberglass or other composite type materials. After 60 years, I think it’s time to update.

Holly: Agree. I’m hoping Submitter’s library doesn’t also have First FishFirst Rifle, and First Camping Trip by this author. Good old bindings, though! They hold up so well. Look at this thing!

More Oldie Sports:

Bowling for the Ladies

Howe to do Hockey

Football Fun


Knife Throwing

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Get a Job!

How to Get a Job If You’re a Teenager
Pervola and Hobgood

I really like the way this book is organized! It’s thorough with mostly good advice, and only 62 pages including the index. Great format for teens!

As you can see from the cover image, though, it has that paperback laminate-type cover adhered to it, and there are bubbles in it. It’s also very dog-eared and bent and getting a bit yellowed on the edges.

The resources page is filled with mid-90s editions that were great choices…in 1998.

It also suggests that teens leave their “beeper” at home when they go in for an interview. Did teens ever really go through a beeper craze? Wasn’t that mostly doctors and lawyers?

More Jobs:

Hook Up, Get Hired!

Getting Fired in 1974

Resume Kit

What Can She Be?

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Death in a Bottle

The Brown Bottle

Submitter: Found this in storage (at least that’s our saving grace – this wasn’t on the shelf!) of a small town public library. I have now weeded it. It’s a picture book about a caterpillar who is an alcoholic. And dies instead of changing into a butterfly. While I get what they were going for, it’s sort of horrifying. What kind of person would read this to a small child??

Holly: WTF? Seriously. W. T. F.

More WTF:

I Want to Believe

You Are Such a Tight Ass


Serial Killer Training Manual

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