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Collection Dinosaurs

Tyrannosaurus Rex: The Fierce Dinosaur

Submitter: I recently found this severely outdated book about the “ferocious” Tyrannosaurus Rex in the collection of the public library where I work. It’s from 1988, making it old enough that the king of the dinosaurs is depicted as walking upright like a person in a T-Rex costume. Only when he’s examining footprints on the ground does he use his tail for balance. Also good for a laugh: the Triceratops goring the offended-looking T-Rex in the thigh, and the misshapen baby T-Rex with the double chin.

Holly: This one could definitely be updated. Kids love dinosaur books, so librarians may be favoring quantity over quality. If the science is incorrect, though, let’s give kids something more accurate. I’m no dinosaur expert, but I do know that 27 years is a long time in any science discipline. There are lots of great dinosaur books for kids published every year, so it can easily be made a priority for updating every five years or so. Maybe even ten years, but definitely not 27!

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Drama = Fire+Handicapped Kid

Help! Fire

Long time veterans of this site will of course recognize the ALB mascot author and illustrator just from the cover.

How can you resist the premise? Handicapped kid caught in a burning house. Where were those parents? Who started this mess? Naturally no one answers the interesting questions. Our hero, Daniel was left alone for “just a minute”. All of a sudden a major fire happens and Daniel can’t get out. (You know, cuz he’s handicapped) Thanks to firefighters and brother (and even the dogs!) Daniel lives another day as a hero.

This time we also have a bonus! There are questions for discussion included! (Unfortunately, the questions I want answered are not presented.)


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Crazy Alphabet

Crazy Alphabet

Submitter: Here is a seriously politically incorrect ABC book!  The story builds so each phrase is repeated as you add the next letter. So, you would be saying “H is for the hand that held the gun……”  over and over and over……  Yes, found this in our public library collection today.  It has been withdrawn before some angry mother reads it!

Holly: In certain communities – and it sounds like Submitter knows his/her community well – this would not be welcome in a children’s collection. I doubt we’d have a problem in my library, to be honest. This is a good example of really needing to know your community, though!


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