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Mind Your Manners

Manners To Grow On

Submitter: I found this while working on a long-overdue weeding project in our J section.  We all know manners are lacking in society today, but this book is NOT helping! If anyone doubts that this needed to be weeded, just look at p. 9, the section called “The Curtsy.”  The author says it is “…not only polite, but very charming.”  I especially love the clarification she provides, that the curtsy does not need to be “a deep one, as though they were being presented at court.”  Because of course that has plenty of relevance for today’s kids (not)!

Holly: It’s lovely to teach children manners, but if you teach your kid to curtsy I’ll just think they’re…”eccentric” or “different,” not polite. It’s not their fault they have weird parents who make them to curtsy, so give a kid a chance. You can’t make kids today to be nice by hoping the 1950s will come back. This book does not teach them not to text at the dinner table or not to say things like “LOL” to dear Grandma who has no clue what they’re talking about. It suggests you allow tradesmen to come inside when it is raining, which is not safe (milkman? laundryman? Who are these magical people?). In fact, in many communities children shouldn’t be answering the door at all. Once again, safe and relevant trumps “cute.”

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Just Be ‘Cos

My Big Lie

Submitter: Weeded from the children’s collection at my public library. We kept the other titles (and I really love this series!) but we felt that this one had to go.

Holly: My library still has a copy of this in circulation, although it hasn’t gone out since 2012. This is the story of Little Bill, who lies about why he was late home for dinner. It’s probably ok for kids…as long as they are blissfully unaware of Big Bill’s Alleged Big Lie.

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Angry Cool Kids

Drugs and Anger

Without a doubt, drugs and other substance abuse materials for kids is an eternal gold mine of laughs for ALB. So we have another drugs are bad book for your consideration. The title Drugs and Anger first made me ask: Maybe they are taking the wrong drugs? And then there is that snappy, oh-so-subtle graphic for the cover and my first thought was I hope they didn’t waste the stuff out of the bottle.  Rounding out the problems are the insipid captions on photos that are laughable. Weed it and don’t look back.

How about some nice cocktails instead?


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