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Your Guide to Married Life – For Teens!

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Teen Guide to Married Life

So, what is marriage all about? Teens want to know and this is the guide!

Nothing particularly earth shattering here. Basics about sharing, money management, apartments, children, etc. This is basically a plea for teens to be cautious. Despite the cover, there is very little about painting a wall. My dad would say that if you want to test a relationship, a couple should have to paint and/or wall paper a small bathroom in hot weather. If you can do that without killing each other, you can probably manage a marriage.

As far as this book is concerned, there is nothing “wrong” with this book. It’s just dated and probably would not be used by any teen. The hair and fashion depicted is a dead giveaway that this book is hardly speaking to a contemporary audience. (You can almost hear Milli Vanilli playing in the background).


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Fabulous Five!

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Katie’s Dating Tips
Fabulous Five


Katie thinks her Mom needs a boyfriend, so she embarks on a subtle campaign to get one of the cool teachers at Wakeman Jr. H.S. to get cozy with her mom. Unfortunately, Mom doesn’t go for her choice of cool Mr. Newkirk, but instead she likes the weird science teacher, Mr. Dracovitch (aka “Dracula”). Mom and Dracula hit it off and Katie is mortified. However, it turns out Dracula isn’t too bad and Mom is happy. Everyone wins. Fabulous Five series was a spinoff from her other Taffy Sinclair series. (We featured a Taffy book here.) I know many of my library cohorts loved Haynes’ books. I doubt that the tweens today want her stuff now. (It probably has Mom smell.) Maybe we could shift her books to the Adult section for those people wanting a sentimental experience.



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Paramedics to the rescue

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What Does a Paramedic do?

Submitter: This was a great public library choice when it was published, a few years after the field was created. It can probably be said that the basics of emergency medicine haven’t changed much since the beginning, and since this is a kids’ book, there aren’t any dated medical protocols, but I still think that, given the changes in vehicles and equipment and that at least a few new things have happened in the field since then, this one should be let go.

You’ll notice no one wore sterile gloves back then, that only became standard in the early to mid 80s. I also love the paramedics using the old-fashioned “biophone” aka radiotelephone in the one picture [below]. The technology was instrumental in getting the field started, but was abandoned by the end of the 80s. I still enjoy watching this stuff on “Emergency” reruns, but think the kids could use a more current one.

Holly: Children’s career books are in such abundance that there’s no reason to keep something like this for so long. If you can’t get anything new for budget reasons, make up some “free career resources on the web” bookmarks and put them on the shelf where this would have been. Having nothing is better than having books like this. If it’s mixed in with newer books on the subject, get in there and remove the old ones!

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