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Microwave cooking for kids
Better Homes and Gardens

Submitter: This one busts my buttons. This book was on the new book shelf at my local library. A microwave cook book from 1984! I hope they did not pay for it, and that it was a gift. Not as though that makes it okay. There has to be something newer and more current than this. Love the very 80’s photos.

Holly: Even if it were “new to them,” it makes no sense to put this on a shelf that highlights new books. In fact, it makes no sense to even accept it as a donation. Cute kid on the cover, with the sloppy joe as big as her head, but this is way outdated.

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Cinderella has gone to the dogs!


Submitter: I can’t believe this book. I literally did a double-take when I saw the cover, and as I flipped through it, I began to wonder what made the library purchase this book in the first place. The dog/people combos are a bit freaky and probably would have frightened me as a child. I could see a Cinderella story with the characters all as cartoon dogs, but not this weird dog/person combo photograph.

Holly: This is definitely odd. Dog people, are you horrified by this or do you think it’s cute? They have dog faces and people hands, which I find disturbing. If it circulates, I’d keep it, but I might not put it out on display!

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Creative Clowning

Submitter: I have two great out of date clown books found just for you. Both were found in the juvenile section at my local public library. There were 4 copies of this at the library.  Plenty of scary clown photos that would even scare John Wayne Gacy.

Holly: Oh Maaaaary… I have a boooook for yoouuuu! Bwahahahahaha!

Look, I don’t have any real problem with clowns or books about clowns for juvenile sections of public libraries, but let’s not insult the clowning community by ignoring their need for updated materials. (Has anyone done a study on the information needs of clowns? Library Students! I have a thesis topic for you!)

Mary: I will be hiding under my desk if anyone needs me.

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