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For the Kids

Books for the kids

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Brace Face

Teeth and Braces

Submitter: Braces have changed a lot since the late nineties, so it’s time for an updated book on this topic. This book hasn’t moved from my small public library’s shelf in years, and it’s not hard to see why.

Holly: The bibliography (picture below) has no titles newer than 1987, two years before this book was written – and almost 30 years before now. Good topic for a public library, but too old to be helpful. They didn’t even have Invisalign™ back then!

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Chomp On This One (“Brace” yourself for this one. See what I did there? But seriously.)

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Breakfast 101

How to have fun cooking breakfast
Creative Educational Society, Inc.

Doesn’t breakfast look groovy? Evidently kids back then need to understand how to make a bowl of cereal. As a teen in 1974, I don’t remember this being a particular problem, even for younger kids. I think a cookbook for kids and teens is a wonderful topic for a book, but this doesn’t do the job now or in 1974. Despite the groovy clothes, I also don’t see a lot of “fun” happening.



More Kids Cooking:

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All the Feels

What Makes Me Feel This Way
Growing up with human emotions
Le Shan

Feelings are everywhere and you can’t stop them. Read the back cover and you can see that this is about accepting your feelings (and enjoying them!).  Not a whole lot of skills for coping with these feelings, but you do get to acknowledge they exist. I guess that should be something. Evidently Dad is upset about traditional gender norms being ignored, Tony thinks he is not “nice” because he is annoyed with the traffic guard for some reason, and Jimmy is embarrassed about sex. No advice on what to actually “do” with said feelings.

Well it is 2016 and I am still annoyed about people having to adhere to old fashioned gender roles, and I can’t always be “nice”. (Depending how long I am on the desk, I become less “nice” after about 7 hours.) I am also not embarrassed about sex, unless it is a patron telling me about his/her sex life (which actually happens more often than I like).  So, there you go. Life sometimes sucks, kids. Are you happy now?


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