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Everyone into the Pool!

A Child’s Way to Water Play

This book is pretty good for content. As a fan of swimming, (and safety!) this book shows parents and educators how water play can do a lot for child development and allay fears of water. All good stuff.

However, I am not a big fan of the cover art and I think the illustrations are a bit hokey for a book geared to educators and parents. Thankfully, Shank has upgraded to new edition for 2013. I think we can safely weed this edition for the newer, prettier one.

Serious weeding tip of the day:  If the authors and publishers think it needs updating, that should be your first clue to update your own copy.


Swimming around:

Swimming and Diving

My Learn to Swim Book

Don’t worry! I will save you!

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Redneck Night Before Christmas

Redneck night before Christmas

Submitter: Between the eerily disproportionate illustrations and the highly questionable content, I think this is one of the best books I’ve found in our collection. Santa in camouflage with “Bless the NRA” on his cap and “Go ahead make my day” on the back of his shirt… I hardly have words! A favorite excerpt from the text: “Maw got a girdle to hold in her pelvis, and a velvet painting of her idol Elvis.” Our library system has a few rural branches where this charming title could land and nobody would bat an eye, but here in town notsomuch. I was appalled to see that we own not one but two copies of this book; they will be weeded before the day is out!

Holly: There’s a fine line between cute and offensive. Say what you want about political correctness, but you really have to know your community of users and their tolerance before you add something like this to your library collection and think it’s “cute.” On a related note, just for kicks I looked up what the politically correct term for redneck is and saw the suggestion “rustically inclined.” #gimmeabreak

More Questionable Kiddie Lit:

Be Prepared!

Bah Humbug

The Doris Hall of Infamy

Crazy Alphabet

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Trekker Friday Fiction

Star Trek: The Truth Machine

I found this while browsing a collection looking for something for a patron, and just got so excited. (I think the kid I was helping thought I was having some kind of “episode.”) I had to get my hands on this book! I am a fan of the original series and all the others. I also have an Enterprise pizza cutter, a Klingon dictionary, and a book of poetry by Mr. Spock.

This book reads like an episode, and the pictures do look like the characters.  However, I am not sure that I am the target market for the juvenile fiction section of a library. (I know a hundred adults that would get a kick out of this in a heartbeat.) Note the illustration where Mr. Spock breaks out PENCIL AND PAPER to draw up some plans!

Is juvenile fiction the best place for this? It would be a slam dunk for a book sale or an adult looking to re-live a few childhood moments. Modern kids? Probably not.

Live long and prosper,


UPDATE: It was announced today around 1pm EST that Leonard Nimoy passed away. Condolences to all who are feeling the loss. RIP Mr. Spock.

More Vintage Fiction:

Cherry Ames

Susan Brown, Camp Counselor

The Lovliest Librarian

“One Black, One White, One Blonde”

Trouble after school

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