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This category includes dance, art, theater and music related posts.

Mimes: the other clowns

Eight Mimes
Marcel Marceau

Submitter: I work at the library of [University] in Linz/Austria.  We did some weeding this summer, sadly I didn’t come across too many ridiculous books (only hundreds about Turkish tapestry, who needs that?) – but I did find this precious item.  To me, this qualifies as an Awful Libary Book. I may be freaked out by it, because of my fear of mimes or all things street performance…but there certainly is a creepy quality to it. There is no text, only pictures of various mime poses.

Holly: Which is creepier, mimes or clowns? Ok, ok, there’s nothing really wrong with this book except that mimes are, admittedly, creepy.  Some people are into miming, though, so we have to have a well-rounded collection that includes their needs.  Is this book making an artistic statement about miming by not having any words in it?

Mary:  If you are into mimes, I know Marcel Marceau is your man.   Not that I want to inflict my personal issues with clowns and mimes on a collection, but for a theater arts collection, of course, this is a keeper. Anyone remember Marcel Marceau’s cameo in Mel Brooks’ Silent Movie?

TV Trivia Teasers

TV Trivia Teasers: 1004 Totally Tubular Brain-Twisters

Submitter: Found this gem while weeding our TV collection.  Not only are all of the TV shows and movies in the questions from the 40s-early 80s, among those featured in the “Photo Teasers” are Rock Hudson, George Burns, Shelley Long and the Solid Gold Dancers!

Holly: For what it’s worth, I totally bombed the quiz.  If this were based on today’s TV shows, I’d have totally aced it, though.  Anyone remember this actress?  Extra credit if you can name the actress and the TV show.

He Stoked a Gently Growing Fire

Romance Writers Phrase Book coverRomance Writers’ Phrase Book
Kent and Shelton

What a hoot!  What do you do when you’ve used the word “manhood” too many times in your romance writing?  You turn to the Romance Writers’ Phrase Book, of course!  Pour yourself a cocktail and read this book for the fun of it, whether you write romances or not.  Check out these excerpts from the “sex” section. (Don’t give me that look.  Of course I’m giving a sample from the sex section!)


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