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Shake Your Booty

Disco Roller Skating

Submitter: Found this while browsing for roller Derby books.  Copyright is 1979…in need of weeding? I THINK SO!!!

Holly: Do people still disco roller skate?  I am pretty amused by the names of the  moves on the cover:  Round ‘n Down, Roll-a-Bump, and The Goose.  I’d like to see that goose move!

Mary: Although I  remember going to a roller rink in the 70’s and attempting a “move” of some kind (reality check: really meant some waving arms and shaking of  booty),  I will defer to the disco experts out there.  Cue the music! –Do the Hustle!

Dome Houses

Domebook 2
Kahn and Pacific Domes

Submitter: This book is DomeBook 2. We must have had DomeBook 1 at some point, but all we have now is DomeBook 2. In Reference. Because it’s important to know where your next geodesic dome is coming from.

Holly: I’ve worked a public library reference desk for 12 years – most of that time at 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, with no off-desk time – and I have NEVER been asked for a blueprint to build a dome house.  If dome houses were a popular thing in our area, I’d try to find something more current than this for sure.  I am intrigued by the people in the picture below who live in this dome house, though.  I’m also picturing the publishing executives in a meeting in 1970: “What we really need is ANOTHER book about dome houses!”

After crafts, how about a few songs?

Music Activities for retarded children
a handbook for teachers and parents

Another ALB spy sent this lovely book to us.  Think of it as a companion title to the crafts book!  Thankfully, it has been weeded from the collection.  Last time I checked WorldCat, this book was in university collections and a few large public libraries, which is probably appropriate for this title.  I also must confess it took me quite a while to realize that is some kind of bird on the cover.