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Cool Your Jets

How to Deal with Anger - cover

How to Deal with Anger

Submitter: Kids (and many adults) can benefit from learning about their emotions, but a more up-to-date book would be more appealing and also more likely to actually leave our shelves, which this one has never done.

Holly: Wow, girlfriend on the cover has some serious issues to work through! Look – this isn’t the worst thing, but if it has never left your shelf in nine years, it clearly doesn’t appeal to your patrons. Move on and try again.



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All the Feels

What Makes Me Feel This Way coverWhat Makes Me Feel This Way
Growing up with human emotions
Le Shan

Feelings are everywhere and you can’t stop them. Read the back cover and you can see that this is about accepting your feelings (and enjoying them!).  Not a whole lot of skills for coping with these feelings, but you do get to acknowledge they exist. I guess that should be something. Evidently Dad is upset about traditional gender norms being ignored, Tony thinks he is not “nice” because he is annoyed with the traffic guard for some reason, and Jimmy is embarrassed about sex. No advice on what to actually “do” with said feelings.

Well it is 2016 and I am still annoyed about people having to adhere to old fashioned gender roles, and I can’t always be “nice”. (Depending how long I am on the desk, I become less “nice” after about 7 hours.) I am also not embarrassed about sex, unless it is a patron telling me about his/her sex life (which actually happens more often than I like).  So, there you go. Life sometimes sucks, kids. Are you happy now?


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Getting High

getting high

Getting High
How to Really Do It

This guy is here to show you the REAL way to get high.  I am sure you will be shocked to discover that this book is about motivation and not controlled substance management.

Self-help books, especially for young people, age faster than milk. I also think good cover art is essential for any teen/youth book, especially in nonfiction titles. I am not sure this guy’s face, front and center, is good for any book (regardless of content). My immature brain keeps saying: “what a dork!”



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