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Looking Good

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Groovy Men’s Wear to Sew

Men's Wear - cover

It’s easy to sew Men’s Wear

It was the cover of this book that got me laughing. The styles! These guys look like they are headed out to some neighborhood swinging cocktail party for a key exchange. Maybe it is the porn stache on the guy with the red shirt and super wide tie. I also like the guy with the striped bellbottoms in the picture below. Everyone looks so groovy. Fashion retrospective not withstanding, I would imagine the techniques are sound, maybe put this gem in costuming for all those kids who want to dress up as swingers for Halloween?


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Fashion Tips for Cheapskates

Dress Better for Less coverDress Better For Less
1001 Tips for Saving Money on Quality Clothes

Another book that would be great for 1981 but idiotic for 2016. I am all over books that offer money saving tips. I doubt any of the advice would be worthwhile 30 plus years later. I can promise not a single featured outfit is on anyone’s “to buy” list.

Just an aside, the lady on the back cover, upper left, looks like Dustin Hoffman’s character “Dorothy” from Tootsie. I think it is the glasses.


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Look Thin and Young!

Ten Pounds Thinner, Ten Years YoungerLook 10 Pounds Thinner, 10 Years Younger-Instantly
A No-Diet, No-Exercise Plan
1988 (excerpt published 1995)

Well sign me up!

This is about fashion and fit. All good advice, but I doubt anyone will pick this up wanting to look good in an 80’s power suit. (I think I had this exact suit back in the day, and also, sadly, the hair.)

Coffey shows examples of fits that are too tight and too loose, and fashion choices of vertical stripes (no horizontal!) and advises bright colors. It was the 1980s. Fashion aside, there are some redeeming qualities in terms of general discussion of fit, but otherwise this is a definite weeder in my opinion.


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