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How to be pretty in 1974

All You Need to Know About Health & Beauty
Marshall Cavendish Publications Ltd.

Another relic from the 1970s. You can be beautiful with all these helpful beauty and fashion tips. There are even recipes to help you stay beautiful and healthy!

I know I would have wanted to borrow this book as a teen in the olden days. I can’t see too many young people gravitating to this title considering their mother or grandmother was the target market.

Note the lovely “shag” haircut of the early 70s (aka Carol Brady hair) and how the advice seems to be limited for women beyond 30. Evidently “older” women fade into nothingness or are beyond repair.

I did love the blue eye shadow and thin eyebrows back in the day. Ah, youth.


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Chip Chic


Cheap Chic
Milinaire and Troy

As of this writing this book was still in circulation at a public library. I am sure all the folks my age and older will appreciate the fashion tips.  Woolworth’s just won’t do! If you work hard you can find a t-shirt for twelve bucks at Jax.  12 bucks in 1975 was serious cash (that was nearly 2 evenings of babysitting for me) and paying 12 bucks for a tshirt doesn’t sound that cheap (or chic) to me.

Make sure you scroll down to see a very cool picture of Cher rocking some jeans and the “ideal butt” shape for pants according to a designer.

A fashion history collection? Maybe. For all others, no.




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The 80s Style in a Nutshell

Cristina Ferrare Style
How Have It In Every Part of Your Life
DeLorean and Cohen


If you were alive and paying attention in the 1980s, you might recognize Cristina as the 3rd wife of John DeLorean, designer of the Back to the Future car/time machine , Currently, Cristine can be seen on the Hallmark Channel’s show Home & Family and authoring cookbooks. This book is essentially the 80s in a nutshell. We have big hair, leg warmers, shiny fashions, Golden Door Spa diets, and of course a husband on trial (and aquitted) for cocaine trafficking.

Aside from the micro 80s experience, I can’t see a reason for a public library to hang on to this. To the public library holding this: What are you waiting for?

I will be in the back looking for my Jane Fonda exercise tapes if anyone needs me.


PS: I also found this somewhat recent pop culture reference on the show the Goldbergs and DeLorean’s daughter being not too enthusiastic over at Jalopnik.


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