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Embrace Some Fashion From the 1970s

Fashions of a Decade: The 1970s

Submitter: Unfortunately, there are no fashion history aficionados at our school. This is a lone volume from a series, which is probably why it hasn’t been touched in years. It’s a pretty thorough overview of 70’s trends, and covers big influences like Saturday Night Fever, Elton John, Farrah Fawcett, etc. The mix of photos and painted illustrations is odd. Wouldn’t the teen reader want to see the fashions in an authentic context? The “poster-ized” renditions would look great on black velvet!

Holly: My library has this whole series, and it actually comes in handy for those “decade reports” that kids do every year – but it probably does work better as a full series. It’s not very  indicative of real people/daily life fashion of each decade, but gives a more extreme view of fashion. Kind of artsy, even. I can see why Submitter would weed it, and I would too in her situation. This is a classic case of “know thy user” and “know thy collection.” It’s a keeper here! (I especially love the picture of Diana Ross and her painted-on “outfit” – below.)

Mary: As the representative of teens in the 1970s, every time I am confronted with the “historical” 1970s, I have a minor anxiety attack. As a teen, I didn’t embrace any of these particular looks other than an attempt to convince my mother that gaucho pants would make me popular.

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Get Yourself Together

Get Yourself Together

Show of hands: How many of you dabbled in these awesome late 80s fashions?

Of course, I can’t believe it is still in a teen nonfiction collection. I can hear every modern teen girl going “Ewwww.” I am going to guess they don’t want to look like Mom’s high school senior photo. This book should have been weeded by 1995 at the latest.

When I was a teen, I loved this kind of book, especially the before and after pictures. Unfortunately, I always looked like the before picture.

For its time, it was a good purchase. Seriously, though the 80s (and 90s, and 00s too) are over. Let’s all move on with our lives.  Think about it, the kids featured in this book are now planning for retirement or yelling at their own teens. Soon, they will be asking about senior discounts and AARP memberships.


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How to be pretty in 1974

All You Need to Know About Health & Beauty
Marshall Cavendish Publications Ltd.

Another relic from the 1970s. You can be beautiful with all these helpful beauty and fashion tips. There are even recipes to help you stay beautiful and healthy!

I know I would have wanted to borrow this book as a teen in the olden days. I can’t see too many young people gravitating to this title considering their mother or grandmother was the target market.

Note the lovely “shag” haircut of the early 70s (aka Carol Brady hair) and how the advice seems to be limited for women beyond 30. Evidently “older” women fade into nothingness or are beyond repair.

I did love the blue eye shadow and thin eyebrows back in the day. Ah, youth.


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