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Oozing from every pore

Oozing for My Lord

Another unfortunate title in our ALB line up. The author, however, insists that this title came to her. This book is actually decent enough as a memoir/personal faith story. The contents are totally appropriate for a general religion section, but I just can’t get past the oozing.



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Eat Dirt

Tooting and Scooting at the Library

A great choice for a parenting collection

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Satanic Computers

Computers and the Beast
Webber and Hutchings

I had no idea that I should be worried about the massive communication and knowledge produced by modern technology. Biblical prophesy is here to warn us that the computer, and all the knowledge it can bring, is a potential minefield of evil. (I know this because there is a big snake hanging out on the computer on the cover.)  Robots, computer networks, credit cards, and electronic fund transfers all have potential for evil. The anti-Christ will obviously exploit this technology during the end times.

Watch your back everyone!



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Groovy Jesus

The Jesus People cover


The Jesus People: Old-Time Religion in the Age of Aquarius
Enroth, Erickson, Peters

Submitter: Groovy!

Holly: The Jesus People was a religious movement in the 1960s, and certain public and academic libraries could have a reason to keep books on the subject. There are newer books on the topic, though, like this one for example. If you’d like to read more about this particular title, though, Submitter shared this blog post from 2012. I can’t speak for every library, but around here the blog post would suffice.


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