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Taking all the fun out of sex

Plain talk cover

Plain Talk About Sex
For Christian Young People

Sex is everywhere! Magazines, movies, television, and even athletics are ruining civilization. Girls, this is your responsibility. If you wouldn’t be so brazen in flaunting your lady parts, men would have more control. Boys, you have a responsibility too. You are smarter and stronger than girls. (Which is interesting, since evidently these boys become mindless sex fiends if they see a girl in shorts.) Our author also throws in a enough “wrath of God” talk to force everyone into a cold shower.

I hope everyone starts living clean and pure after reading these helpful tips. You don’t want to make trouble with the man upstairs. Aren’t you glad your librarian is here to help you avoid damnation?



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The End of the World

The Atomic Bomb and the Word of God coverThe Atomic Bomb and the Word of God

This piece of cold war ephemera was published within months of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan. Smith, a faculty member of Moody Bible Institute and Fuller Theological Seminary, was a prolific writer on scripture and biblical prophesy.  This pamphlet is an attempt to reconcile scripture and the atomic bomb. Interestingly, there is no real discussion of the moral implications of a weapon of mass destruction.

Duck and cover, everyone!


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Obey your man and God will love you more!

Beautiful For Thee coverBeautiful for Thee
Outstanding Messages given at Sword of Jubilees for Women
Sword of Lord Publishers

Ladies! Here is your inspiration to be the very best woman you can be! Dressing nicely and keeping your house clean will make your man, and God, love you all the more. Stay away from those sad feminists! They are going to be distracting you with all that talk of “doing your own thing” and equal rights. Remember, Jesus loves ladies that know “their place.”


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