very young rider

Very Young Rider

Very Young Rider Krementz 1977 Submitter: While in the much-needed process of updating our sports non-fiction collection for kids, I was flipping through this book, since it seemed to be in fairly good physical condition. Our library acquired it in

Pets around the world

Pets Around the World

Pets Around the World Jackson 1965 Submitter: This book may not qualify as “Awful,” but it is indeed outdated! The image that was a particular favourite of mine depicts a young naked Galapagos boy and his pet turtle.  Yes, children…

Critter the Class Cat

Critter the Class Cat

Critter the Class Cat Bare 1989 Submitter: Here is a book that the children’s librarian kept on his storytime shelf.  He retired, and I retired his storytime shelf!  Copyright date is 1989, so the cat is probably watching from Kitty

The Secret of Cooking for Cats cover

Cat Cooking?

The Secret of Cooking for Cats Gardner 1965 When I first looked at this title I thought that it was about cooking the actual cat.  No folks, treat your little fluffy friend right and cook him his very own dinner.