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Stylin’ With Flair!

Mary Mulari’s Garments with Style: Adding Flair to Tops, Jackets, Vests, Dresses, and More!

Submitter:  I had to laugh at this one when I found it today on shelves in the small public library where I work. It’s only 16 years old. Only.

Holly: I would have guessed late 1980s by the pictures.  Did people still wear prints like that in the mid-90s? Either way, they are no longer “garments with style.”



Life in Miniature

Make Your Own Dolls House - coverMake Your Own Dolls’ House

Submitter: There is nothing wrong with the designs and instructions for the Dickens’ doll house that is in this book, but seeing the author stare at the girl on the cover, reading that he is a doctor and builds dolls’ houses because he “enjoys” it all add up to 3 strikes and you are out of our collection!

Holly: So…maybe the little girl should check out this book instead?  Or maybe this one?  Wow, we’ve become very jaded about old men who stare at young girls and build them dolls houses.  If he enjoyed helping little boys make fishing lures, we’d be just as suspicious.  Ha ha!  Seriously, though, this does look like something from 1976.

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