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Halloween Fun

Holly: So sorry this didn’t make it up in time for Halloween 2010!  Here are some fab ideas for next year, though.

Carving Jack O Lanterns

Submitter: The first book, Carving Jack-O’-Lanterns by Sam Gendusa was published in 1988 and provides multitudes of ways to terrify children.  I especially like the picture of the kids standing next to the jack-o-lantern in the grocery store—he looks like he’s going to cry!  Also, I love that this book encourages parents to have their children touch the creepy pumpkins in order to overcome their anxieties.  Yeesh!

Holly: This is the creepiest jack o lantern book I’ve ever seen!  What the heck are those, mutant pumpkins?  They’re ginormous!  If you have to use a mallet and chisel, it’s no longer a jack o lantern.  It’s a statue.

Submitter: I’ve also included a totally rad book on airbrushing (circa 1987) for those who’d like to add a little neon to their Halloween costume, or at least learn to airbrush Terminator-style.

Dynamic Airbrush
Miller and Effler

Holly: Now this is cool!  I really like this idea.  Have airbrushing techniques changed since 1987?  Maybe not.  Ok, maybe it could be updated with ways to airbrush 2010 characters, like Snooki’s tan or something, but otherwise, not such a bad book.  A nice pairing with the creepola pumpkins above, though!

DIY Boyfriend

Annie’s Pattern Club Newsletter
Published by Annie’s Attic
[Issue date unknown]

Submitter: The public library I work at has recently received a ton of book donations lately. In our last batch of donations, we took in about 3 boxes of needlework and cross stitch craft-how-to books/magazines. I’m not sure if this would count as a awful library book, but it is a awful library magazine. The cover shows two cute homemade dolls, a purse at the bottom, and some other objects. However, the doll creeping in the shadowed center with the mustache caught my eye. I looked inside and found directions to make a “Hunk Pillow” and a picture of the “Hunk Pillow” surrounded by adoring women from the 70’s? I passed it around to the ladies at work and we all had a good laugh. Hope you enjoy it too!

P.S. We will not be adding this to our collection. Haha.

Holly: This is definitely an awful library magazine!  Since I don’t know the date of this issue, I can’t see if any libraries own it, but it’s too funny not to post.  Just when I think I must have seen it all, the Hunk Pillow comes around.  WTH?