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MOAR Pantyhose Crafts!

The Pantyhose Craft BookThe Pantyhose Craft Book
Laury and Aiken

Submitted by Sarah C. in a public library in suburban Wisconsin (outed with permission!): A circ worker brought this book to my attention and I promptly weeded it from our collection. I find the life-sized and nude dolls to be especially disturbing. Also, the ladies with the pantyhose bikinis just look like they are wearing pantyhose on their boobs. Weird. Unfortunately, there is still another library in our system that has it on the shelf!

Holly: It is with joy that I bring you another pantyhose crafts book!  Remember this one, which was followed by this one? Still creepy.  Maybe the third time is the charm and you’ll all go get these old craft books off your shelves.  Pretty please? There are some truly disturbing creative uses for pantyh0se in the pictures below.  My favorite is the “ample nymph” in the last picture. Good grief.  Borderline NSFW!

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The Craft that Haunts Every Library: Macrame!


Macrame: A Golden Hands Pattern Book
Popplewell (ed.)

Just when Holly and I think we have seen every macrame book out there, yet another will turn up. Of course I couldn’t resist especially with that rockin’ vest on the cover. I freely admit I am biased about macrame. I thought it was stupid in the 1970s.

Of course the interior fashion shots do not disappoint! That first shot is a wardrobe malfunction on the precipice! (I also think the polyester blue pants really gives the outfit a certain pizzazz).

Run, don’t walk to your craft section and kill these books. If you are convinced that macrame is coming to redeem us all, at least get some newer books.


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Crap from Scrap

Art from Scrap coverArt from Scrap
Reed and Orze

Submitter: A book about arts and crafts using recycled materials is always in demand. This one is clearly geared toward art teachers, and many of the pieces were made by students. A few items shown are inspired and creative; many are just bizarre or ugly. Don’t get me started on the dead rat! I was finally able to replace this title with some newer craft books with–gasp!–color illustrations! I wonder what Freud would make of hanging a flying machine made of ballcocks in my bedroom…

Holly: I have patrons looking for this kind of thing a lot, but thankfully we have books published in the last few years to choose from here.  If it’s the best you can do, it’s not too awful, but if you can afford a replacement, this one can go.  I’m kind of surprised they picked that pig for the cover of the book, though.  Is that the coolest, most visually appealing piece of artwork in the book? The tongue from a VW hood would have been better (see below).

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