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Smash the Patriarchy with Crafts

Crafting with feminism cover

Crafting with Feminism

From time to time, Holly and I will run into a an item that just has us cracking up, and we want to share. You might remember the What would Jesus Craft book from a while back, or perhaps these books.  Remember that awfulness is in the eye of the beholder.

Since one of my collection responsibilities is craft books, I couldn’t wait to share this with everyone. This book had me laughing and and reaching for crafts supplies. Given that we just had the Women’s March last weekend, I thought you all would appreciate this post.

Lots of awesome projects that actually look reasonably easy to do. I featured a couple of samples crafts below. You will love projects like the uterus body pillow, feminist hero finger puppets and the male chauvinist tears coffee mug. So break out your inner craft goddess and get crafting.



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Paper Toys


Folding Paper Toys
Lewis and Oppenheimer

Submitter: I love this book! The illustrations are large, clear and easy to understand. The great thing is that you can play with the things you make. I remember making many of these types of things when I was young. This book was weeded from the children’s area in a small public library. Our library has had it since 1963 and it has clearly been loved and well used. Most recent circulation was 2004. If it wasn’t for the condition, I would hang on to this one.

Holly: Cute. I’d still weed it because the images are so dated, but the content is still practical, I guess. A quick search on Pinterest came up with all kinds of cute – and current – projects, so that’s a better option than this. Shari Lewis was fantastic, though, wasn’t she?



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Pineapple-Top Grower’s Handbook

The Pineapple-Top Grower’s Handbook

Submitter: Yes, it’s an entire book on how to grow a pineapple top. Was that hard to do in 1979?

Holly: Maybe this was a revolutionary idea to home gardeners in 1979. They didn’t have the benefit of seeing posts on this in Pinterest every time they log in. (And doing the same thing with potatoes, avocados, ginger, etc. etc. etc.) The 70s were a simpler time.


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