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Making a Collection Count

Craptastic Crafts and Hobbies

Looking to make something? This the category that includes crafts, hobbies, projects for home and office

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Casserole Cozies

casserole cozie cover

Casserole Coasters & Cozies
Annie’s Attic

With the summer starting, I am sure everyone wants to have their casseroles look stylish on the picnic table or at the neighborhood potluck. Worry no more! Here are some fabulous casserole and coaster cozies to make. I am certain there is a pattern to make even the most bland potato salad or green bean casserole look appetizing.

As a collection item, I think this would be an excellent choice for a public library craft collection. I think my crochet patrons would check this out in a hot minute. Personally, I am just not that fond of the colors and design.



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Evil Returns to the Craft Section

Hobby cover featuring applehead dolls

Popular Handicrafts and Hobbie$
Sherrer, Ed.
September 1979

Prepare yourselves: Applehead Dolls have returned.  Particularly disturbing are the applehead dolls that look like Santa. I am sure the kids will love them and totally re-think that whole decision on naughty v. nice.

As an added bonus, we also have an article about handwriting analysis for fun and profit. Move over Bill Gates, these people are going to make big money.


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Groovy Crafts for the Fulfilled Woman

crafts for fun and profit cover

Crafts for Fun and Profit
Van Zandt

This series is called Women Alive. We already posted the book that helps you figure out your man. After you figure out your man, you can sit down and make some lovely crafts. I particularly like the macrame vest thing with fringe. Very sexy. I think it is the plaid pants that really pull the outfit together.

I think I really need this whole series.


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