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Making a Collection Count

Celebrity Gossip and Advice

This category includes biography and all those great advice books. Because when a celebrity does something, you will want to do that too!

Rona Barrett

Miss Rona: An Autobiography

Okay Baby Boomers!  Who remembers Rona Barrett?  For you kids out there, she was one of the pioneers in entertainment news and reporting.  I remember catching her on tv as a teen all the time.  Great choice for the 70’s but I think it is time for an update.  I wonder what she thinks of the insane amount of gossip on tv and the Internet.  That is a book that needs to be written…


Great Canadian Athletes

Champions: Great Figures in Canadian Sport

Submitter: A great primer on current Canadian Athletes, esp great with upcoming Olympics! I guess they just missed mentioning Gretzky, Sidney Crosby, Steve Nash, Justin Morneau, Jason Bay etc. etc. But Bobby Hull sure is hot baling hay!

Holly: Bobby Hull turns 71 this year.  Wow! He looks so good for his age.  Of course Bobby deserves to be in a book about Canadian athletes,  but there have to be newer books on this topic that include more current contributors too.  Upgrades are especially important in a Winter Olympics year.

“Yo homes, smell ya later”

TV’s Hottest Teens: Fresh Prince

Submitter: “A young patron wrote inside the cover “this book sucks”. Will Smith was going by Fresh Prince then ( I forgot that).”

Holly: You all know the theme song to Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, don’t you?   I used to sing along, word for word.

Will Smith was born in 1968.  That means he was 24 when this book was written.  True – he played a teen on TV in 1992 – but he’s 41 now!  Teens who find this on library shelves now do not know him as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  They know him as Hancock, Hitch, or the super cool guy in I Am Legend.  In fact, pretty much everything Will Smith has done – other than Fresh Prince and an afterschool special – happened after 1992.  There are lots of more current choices about Will Smith for a library collection.

Young patron was right – this book does suck.