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This category includes biography and all those great advice books. Because when a celebrity does something, you will want to do that too!

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A “Supreme” Weeder

Diana Ross

Submitter: What is up with the picture of her on a trashcan? There was no context for that!! [See 2nd picture below]

Holly: I know I said it before, but Diana Ross is important here in Detroit. We simply must have a good biography. Not necessarily for kids, but we need at least a Motown book that includes her. Submitter included a page from the book (last image below) that talks about her family and how she wanted a lot of children. At the time, she had two daughters. According to good ‘ol Wikipedia, she had five children total, so this book is definitely missing some of the story!

More Pop Star Gold:

Reach Out and Touch This Book and Weed It

Jive Talkin’

Larger Than Life

Wanna Be Weeded


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Fighting the Militant Gay Agenda


The Anita Bryant Story
The Survival of Our Nation’s Families and the Threat of Militant Homosexuality

Until I saw this book, I had forgotten the crazy Anita Bryant obsession with gays. As more and more anti discrimination laws started popping up, Anita and her husband began actively campaigning against these laws in Miami. She lost her lucrative contract pitching orange juice and eventually she became a nonstarter by the mid 80s.

I would weed it, but it might belong somewhere.  She will be forever remembered as a flashpoint for gay rights in the 1970s and not as a singer or orange juice spokesperson. Personally, I read enough and I hope I forget her again.


More books that want to “fix” gay people:

Curing the Gay Life

Gayness explained   (This picture book is an all time awful choice, prepare yourselves)

You can “fix” your gay kids.

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Hilton Sisters: Now sanitized for your protection

Paris and Nicky Hilton
A View from the Paparazzi

What a lovely choice for your 4th grader’s biography reading assignment. I am sure parents everywhere would love for these “celebrity icons” to be role models for the kids.

This isn’t the first time we have featured a Hilton bio on our site. That particular title was very edited to leave out the details. (No wonder it was only a few pages long.) This biography is much more in depth, but still somewhat censored on some of the more salacious details. My favorite part is the vocab list in the back which has thoughtfully included definitions of pornography and schadenfreude.

In my local school district, 4th and 5th graders have an assignment to read a biography, dress in a costume, and then perform as that famous person. When I saw this, all I could think of is a kid dressing up like Paris while standing next to kids that are dressing as Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, or Clara Barton.


More Juvenile Biographies

Lizzie McGuire Lives

Hammer Time

Keeping Up with Bruce Jenner

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