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This category includes biography and all those great advice books. Because when a celebrity does something, you will want to do that too!

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Saved by the Bell

Behind the Scenes at Saved by the Bell

Time for a step back to the early 1990s to hang with the cool kids on Saved by the Bell. Having never watched an episode, I am only slightly familiar with these actors. I have to shamefully admit I paid to go see Showgirls and hired a babysitter to boot. Needless to say I did not get my money’s worth.

Anyway, as trashy tell all insider books for the kids go, this isn’t too bad. There is lots of text about how a tv show is produced and the other folks involved besides the actors. I did learn quite a few things: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen had ambitions about become a mathematician , Dustin Diamond was the “free spirit” and Mark-Paul Gosselaar is really shy and speaks Dutch.

For the record, there are still some medium/small public libraries that still have this on the shelf. If it is circulating, I have to wonder why.

I am sure this book would have helped one’s street cred for coolness.


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Finally, for my generation, here is one of ALB’s finest books about Burt Reynolds. If you haven’t seen this before, you are in for a treat!

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Papa Don’t Preach


Submitter: 2003 doesn’t really seem like it was that long ago, but gee whiz is this dated now! This cover photo was bad even way back then. Zombie alert!

Holly: Preach, Papa, preach! Preach the righteousness of collection quality! That is a horrible picture for the cover. Of all the footage there is of Madonna, this is the best they could do? Maybe it was the most-clothed option. I’m a Madonna fan from way back, and she has ties to our home state of Michigan, so around here we need to keep things more current. She reinvents herself every couple of years,so 2003 is like a century in Madonna years!

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America’s Band

The Beach Boys

This was submitted by a middle school library. I’m of two minds about this one. On the one hand, middle schoolers could not care less who The Beach Boys are. They are having Fun, Fun, Fun with Taylor Swift and The Biebs and clueless about The Beach Boys.

On the other hand, this is a Rock & Roll Hall of Famers series, and The Beach Boys are Hall of Famers, whether anyone in the target age group for the book has heard of them or not. Wouldn’t It Be Nice if middle schoolers were be exposed to Hall of Fame bands they’ve never heard of?

The pictures -at least, those submitted – are from the 1960s. I *hope* that this book talks about the changes in members this band has had over the years and includes more current pictures. The band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1988, after all.

Back to the first point, today’s middle schoolers have parents who were middle schoolers in 1988, and grandparents who were middle schoolers in 1961 when the band was formed. The subject of this book is of more interest to adults, but its format is clearly for a tween/teen audience.

Verdict: I’m Picking Up Good Vibrations about this series. I think I’d keep it if it were in good shape and I had space. After Surfin’ USA (ie. Worldcat), I see that a lot of libraries own this book.  Pair it with a biography of the band One Direction and you’re covered.  If it never, ever circulates after a few years, though, it’s a candidate for the chopping block. (And by chopping block I mean book sale.)

Help Me, Rhonda. Help Me Weed!


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