Hoarding is not collection development

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The Psychics Behind the Iron Curtain

Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain
Ostrander and Schroeder

Interesting that the L.A. Times said this book was the most important book about ESP research “yet to appear.”  Who knew that there were such gifts behind the Iron Curtain?  I wonder how they fared in ESP research after the curtain fell.


It’s the communists, run for your life!

You can trust the communists (to do exactly as they say!)

Fellow library comrades: I know I will hear from everyone about how this is an important piece of culture and we should never weed this kind of material.  Heck, I am old enough to appreciate the communist threat.  (I even had to sign a loyalty oath in the early 80’s as part of my job! – Go America!)  This book has a place in an archive or a museum, not in a popular materials collection for a small public library.  I think I am safe in saying that by 1989 this book lacked some punch.  In case you really want to feel old, today’s college students were probably born after the Berlin Wall came down.