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The Draft Dodger Handbook

IV-F: A Guide to Medical, Psychiatric, and Moral Unfitness Standards for Military Induction Suttler Revised Edition

Submitter: This book is a nice piece of social anthropology, but pretty much irrelevant today… for the time being, at least. Glad I did not grow up during a time when this book was necessary.

Holly: This book can help you decide if you are physically, mentally, or morally unfit to kill people in war.  All political beliefs aside, though, it’s definitely out of date.  Weeder!



Disaster, Disaster, Disaster
Catastrophes Which Changed Laws

I love this cover art!  This one was a tough one for me to pull.  Not really that “awful” but just dated.  It actually has done well with circulation, but not recently. There are no illustrations either.  7th graders in my area do a major disaster report and a newer title would definitely get more users.  I have included the index of disasters too.  (Love the dramatic titles given too!)  However, the rule being  “know thy audience”  for youth materials, this one has to go since I just don’t have space.


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Time Bomb 2000: What the Year 2000 Computer Crisis Means to You!

Thank you, submitter, for another look at Y2K.  We had another Y2K submission a while back.  Read all about it here!

This was favorably reviewed by Library Journal, and was probably a useful book in 1998 and 1999.  Is it still on library shelves for historical purposes?  I found lots of articles in my library’s databases about Y2K, so my patrons are not at a loss for information about how it all went down, should they be interested.  If you have space, there’s nothing wrong with keeping one or two of these, I guess, but if you don’t have space it’s an easy choice for weeding.  Let the internet and online databases offer this kind of information.

I do love the seriousness of the title: “Time Bomb!”  At the time, that’s what it seemed like: a ticking time bomb.  If it wasn’t figured out in time, the whole infrastructure of the world would have exploded.  Or so they say. I happen to know that Mary filled her bathtub with water on New Year’s Eve 1999, “just in case.”