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Old stuff, textbooks, past events, etc.

Communist Music

Communism, Hypnotism, and the Beatles

I can understand this book being in certain university or special library collections, but public libraries? Hmmm…

It doesn’t show on the book cover, but WorldCat shows a sub-title of:
“an analysis of the Communist use of music, the Communist master music plan,” (exactly like that, with the hanging comma at the end.)

What does show on the cover is the phrase “A Christian Crusade Publication.” Another Christian Crusade Publication is this one:


The Facts About Communism and Our Churches

I read more about this “Christian Crusades” group here.  Apparently Hargis “claimed that the Democrats, Republicans, anyone who had any wealth and George Washington were all Communists” but then the group was about to go under because of Hargis’s uncontrolled spending.

Thank you, submitter!

Long John Silverstein

Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! (Click here if you want the official website.)

Now, before everyone gets mad, let me just say that this isn’t a bad book at all. It’s actually very interesting, and I read a bit of it myself. I don’t know – maybe I’m the only one, and I know that I have a juvenile sense of humor – but the title just strikes me as funny! It simply begged me to post it. This book is a great choice for public libraries, and is really quite fascinating.

I still think the title is funny, and sometimes that’s the only criteria we need here at ALB.

Harrrdy Harrr Harrrr, me mateys!

The Draft Dodger Handbook

IV-F: A Guide to Medical, Psychiatric, and Moral Unfitness Standards for Military Induction Suttler Revised Edition

Submitter: This book is a nice piece of social anthropology, but pretty much irrelevant today… for the time being, at least. Glad I did not grow up during a time when this book was necessary.

Holly: This book can help you decide if you are physically, mentally, or morally unfit to kill people in war.  All political beliefs aside, though, it’s definitely out of date.  Weeder!