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The Cold War

The Cold War
Witness History series

Submitter: This book should have been weeded when it was a few years old, but has incomprehensibly lingered in my library branch for 20 years.  Published in 1989, this book about the Cold War was written during the Cold War.  There is no historical perspective and even this account is incomplete.  If you look at the end of the chronology you’ll see that one of the major events of the Cold War is omitted.

Most perplexing to me is that this book didn’t just slip through the cracks… a librarian looked at it two years ago, and noted that it was unique in our library system.  I’d like to remind everyone that it’s okay to weed last copies.  The accuracy and currency of our collections demand it.

Holly: I know some libraries have a “last copy” policy that prevents them from weeding last copies.  If a particular library’s mission is to be an archive, that’s fine.  Otherwise, I agree – I’d weed this one if it were in my library too.


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In Soviet Russia, libraries weed you!

Living Off the West: Gorbachev’s Secret Agenda and Why It Will Fail

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Well, it’s been twenty-one years.  Do public libraries have a reason to keep this around? A history of Gorbachev and his times, yes.  This specific title? Not in my public library, but maybe in a university.  I mean, the title says “Why it WILL fail”…as in “in the future.”  We can do better than this!


Let’s Impeach Tricky Dick

Why President Nixon Should Be Impeached
American Civil Liberties Union

Submitter: “I don’t care if he’s dead…exhume and impeach!!!”

Holly: A historical book about how the proceedings went down might still be useful, but this was published in the middle of the trial! Put it in the archive or maybe a large academic library.