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Communism and Catholics

Communism, Democracy and Catholic Power

Since I started floating through catalogs, I have enjoyed using a keyword search for communists since usually there is something funny or dated.  I came across this title.  Any Cold War era publication is usually interesting.  Even though I was just a kid during the 60’s, the paranoia was flying high and to associate anyone or anything with communism was essentially evil.  This book fits neatly in the time frame of post war red scare.  McCarthy started his witch hunt in 1950 (and was censured in 1954) and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed in 1953.  No doubt any collection highlighting the cold war hysteria should include this, but I think it is probably more appropriate for an academic audience or a large public library.  My particular copy had seen better days…. probably the result of some poorly trained commie librarians and all their talk about information wanting to be free.  I love when our expert librarians give us the whole story… please comment!


Here are the blurbs from the book jacket:

Communist Music

Communism, Hypnotism, and the Beatles

I can understand this book being in certain university or special library collections, but public libraries? Hmmm…

It doesn’t show on the book cover, but WorldCat shows a sub-title of:
“an analysis of the Communist use of music, the Communist master music plan,” (exactly like that, with the hanging comma at the end.)

What does show on the cover is the phrase “A Christian Crusade Publication.” Another Christian Crusade Publication is this one:


The Facts About Communism and Our Churches

I read more about this “Christian Crusades” group here.  Apparently Hargis “claimed that the Democrats, Republicans, anyone who had any wealth and George Washington were all Communists” but then the group was about to go under because of Hargis’s uncontrolled spending.

Thank you, submitter!

Long John Silverstein

Jewish Pirawtes of the CaribbeanJewish Pirates of the Caribbean

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! (Click here if you want the official website.)

Now, before everyone gets mad, let me just say that this isn’t a bad book at all. It’s actually very interesting, and I read a bit of it myself. I don’t know – maybe I’m the only one, and I know that I have a juvenile sense of humor – but the title just strikes me as funny! It simply begged me to post it. This book is a great choice for public libraries, and is really quite fascinating.

I still think the title is funny, and sometimes that’s the only criteria we need here at ALB.

Harrrdy Harrr Harrrr, me mateys!