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Old stuff, textbooks, past events, etc.

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Surprise Microfiche

What we have here is microfiche. Drawers and drawers of microfiche, placed on a cart to free up said drawers. (Ok, it was only two drawers, but they were deep, long drawers!)

Most of what you see here are popular magazines from the late 1970’s to the late 1980’s: Time, Business Week, The Atlantic, Forbes…you get the drift. My library must have kept an archive of this material back in the day. I knew it was there at one point, but had completely forgotten about it. Then one day I opened the wrong drawer on the microfilm cabinet and BAM! MICROFICHE! I was reminded that this stuff was still taking up residence. Just hanging out, about a decade’s worth of magazine microfiche and one Granger poetry reference series.

So I did the only thing I could do. I got a cart and loaded it up. It was heavy, you guys. That’s a lotta fiche!

The envelopes holding the individual slides are quite nice, though. I emptied about 50 or so and kept them for other uses.

Meanwhile, this stuff has got to go. There’s nothing of value here, so it will probably get recycled (although apparently the silver kind could be hazardous, so I first have to figure out what kind I have and then figure out who will take it.)

My library doesn’t even have a microfiche reader!



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Another Immature Humor Alert

Warfare in the Enemy’s Rear

I love this title! All I did was giggle every time the word “rear” was used. Then I got to the Appendix and it was all about deep penetration. Even more giggling!

Having only one military history class as a undergraduate (I am now counting how many wars have happened since that class), I cannot speak to this book’s quality, but I am sure that the author did not want a 50-something librarian giggling like a 12 year old boy at this book. Too bad for him.

School started around here and I am still digging out from the Labor Day weekend. I needed a little naughty humor for the week. Unleash your inner middle school boy!




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Lifestyles of the Ancient Britons

The Ancient Britons

Submitter: This was found in the library at the small UK primary school (ages 3-11) where I teach. We have a wide variety of history resources and I had no hesitation in weeding this one. The information is inaccurate, and terribly wishy-washy – there’s no dates anywhere in the book! The drawings are awful (why the moustaches? Why??) and despite the huge range of archaeological evidence for Stone and Iron Age Britain, there’s only two small photographs of (rare) gold ornaments. Finally, it’s just plain out-of-date – there’s been too many advances in our knowledge of that time period in the last 27 years for this to be of any use. (And no, kids, do NOT paint yourself with blue poster paint…) The Anglo-Saxons are a big part of the Key Stage 2 (grades 3-6) curriculum and as a former archaeologist I’d be horrified to think our pupils were using this as a resource!

Holly: I can see some parents getting worked up about some of the content. There are obviously loud, drunk men and an emphasis on the fact that they drank “huge amounts of beer” (third picture below), as well as the Druid with the skulls and the dead guy (well, bloody anyway…) on the ground (fourth picture below). As Submitter mentioned, it’s too old to be useful, so it’s got to go.

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