Hoarding is not collection development

But it’s Historical!

Old stuff, textbooks, past events, etc.

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Yoonited States of Uhmurica

Life (and Death) in the ‘Yoonited States of Uhmurica’

Submitter: Collected and published in Canada, this book is full of articles about the foibles of those of us living in the U.S. It was found in my small academic library undergoing a major cataloging project. I can’t imagine what course this book could possibly support and how it managed to skip any weeding in the last 30-some years. I did enjoy showing my video game-loving son the article about the Pac-Man enthusiast who was banned from the arcade, though!

Holly: It’s kind of fun to browse, but can probably easily be weeded from a small academic library.

More US of A:

Keeping America Safe for Democracy

Be a REAL American! Eat a hamburger.

The American Dream

President Citizen

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Make History Fun with Cartoons!

Leaders of America
Capsule Biographies of over 260 Famous Personalities

This one I found when I was weeding the juvenile nonfiction. Of course it is old and worn out, but take a look at these cartoon illustrations. The color palette is awful and everyone looks like they had some kind of tanning booth accident. I get that this is to mimic the newspaper comic panels (because the kids dig the funny papers!) and the content isn’t that bad. They actually have a few women and minorities represented. Will a kid from this century want to use this book? Not a chance.


More History for the Kids:

Lifestyles of the Ancient Britons

Michigan, My Michigan

Modern World

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Negroes in a Soviet America

The Negroes in a Soviet America

Submitter: Time travel back to 1935 and Communism with this title. Found in my local library. I could see an argument for keeping this in a research or academic library. But a small urban library?

Holly: It’s so important to keep these materials. This is a viewpoint in history that probably not a lot of people are aware of. Does it belong on the regular old circulating non-fiction shelves in a small library? Probably not. Either catalog it as part of a special collection (and then archive and/or preserve it properly) or give it to a library that can.

More Wrongly Placed History:

Great American Negroes

Great Negroes Past and Present

Must We Bus

Cotton and the Spinner

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