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Making a Collection Count

But it’s Historical!

Old stuff, textbooks, past events, etc.

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President Malaise


Why Not the Best? Why One Man Is Optimistic About America’s Third Century

Submitter: Thought you’d enjoy this political gem.

Holly: Written before Carter was even in the White House, this is one of those presidential candidate books that we all know and love. They are a collection management nightmare! They circulate a lot just before, and sometimes just after, the election, but then they linger on the shelf and no one cares. Books about the elected president are likely to keep circulating for a while after the election, but 41 years is pushing it! Carter has written a lot of books since this one, including a biography that came out just last year. Unless you’re the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum (which you’re probably not), or maybe located his hometown in Georgia, there’s very little reason to hang on to this one.


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You Can Survive the Atomic Bomb!

How to Survive an Atomic Bomb

My generation was taught to hide under our school desk in order to dodge “the Bomb”.  Every school kid practiced civil defense drills, just like a fire drill. Evidently your average school desk is resistant to atomic rays.

This book contains lots of helpful advice, from wearing a hat to prevent radiation to calculating the body count from the bomb’s epicenter. Even with some grisly death counts, the author assures us that “authorities” will still be in charge and that nuclear war is survivable. So pack your Geiger counter and hat so you can be ready when “the big one” comes.

Hiding under my desk,



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Better Red than Dead

You can survive the atomic bomb (one of my personal favorites!)

Break Out the Borscht

It’s the Communists! Run for your life!

Nuclear War Fun Book

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Watergate for Kids


The Story of Watergate

Submitter: I found this book in the juvenile nonfiction section of my small public library. Is it important for kids to learn about history? Definitely. Will any of them pick up this title to read about Watergate? I doubt it. The cover as well as the insides need to be updated, and I’m betting most of the kids who visit my library after school don’t even know what Watergate was.

Holly: Oooh, but those suited-up, balding white men on the cover with the orangey-pink background look super exciting! Imagine the drama and intrigue to be found in this book! Yeah, kids won’t see it either.


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