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Girls Ruin Everything

Weak Link: the Feminization of the American Military

Submitter: Our public library found yet another interesting book while weeding the non-fiction section. [It] seems much older given its content.  According to its circulation history, it’s rarely left the shelves. Given the dated contents and horrid cover, our patrons show good judgement!

Holly: Oooh, this ought to rile some people up! Take a look at this review in the New York Times, written by Richard Halloran. There are lots of reviews on Amazon too, of course. In 1989 this book might have been a reasonable choice for a public library in the interest of a collection with balanced viewpoints, and also because it was a hot topic back then. There is definitely still a place for this in some research libraries, but I think most neighborhood public libraries with popular materials collections can let it go.


More on the Military:

Warfare in the Enemy’s Rear

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The Major and the Librarian

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It’s Logical


Submitter: Apparently in 1958 people could learn complex topics like logic from pages and pages of dense text. The diagram and table included are just about the only pages that aren’t pure text in over 200 pages.

Holly: I guess if you major in philosophy in college you might be reading these kinds of things. Please tell me that this was found in a university library and not your neighborhood public library! It does seem kind of old…weigh in on this, everyone: should books like this be weeded specifically because they are old, even if the principles covered are still sound? There’s the whole idea of appeal in public libraries, which maybe universities with dense subjects like logic don’t need to worry about. Will students of philosophy and logic use this? Or will they scoff at it like public library users and assume the library has nothing newer than 1958?

More Dense Reading:

Music Ho!

An Exciting Career Choice

History of Nursing

Encylopaedia Brittanica

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Vietnam Policy For Kids

Let’s Visit VietNam

And we are back with another country book from olden times. This is less about the country and people of Vietnam and more about US involvement and the fight against communism. I practically expected Lyndon Johnson to pop out from the pages and tell me to get with the program.  I especially cringed at the reference to the “yellow branch of the human family”. Even by the time Saigon fell in 1975, this book would have been woefully inadequate and should have been weeded by then.


How about some counter-culture?

Damn, Dirty Hippies

Dirty Hippies Living on Love

Peace Love and Flower Power

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