Hoarding is not collection development

Condition/Processing Fail

This category addresses those Awful Library Books that have a problem with condition or poor processing.

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Immature Humor Alert!

Billy, the Condominium Cat

Submitter: “Billy, the Condominium Cat” – what could go wrong?

Holly:  This is a children’s book, so hopefully they won’t catch the joke because they won’t know what a condom is. On the other hand, they might think that’s really the title and go around asking people what a condom is.


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All that was left was a carcass…

Guinness World Records
50th Anniversary Edition

Submitter: I can’t give any other pictures of this book, because the front and back covers were ALL I found on the shelf. Seriously. They were shelved correctly, I guess, but there’s not much use in putting the covers on the shelf for checkout. I think this book wins the worst condition ever award.

Holly: Soooo…. either a patron stole its insides and left the carcass on the shelf, or SOMEONE ON STAFF SHELVED IT THIS WAY. I sincerely hope it was stolen and left for dead. These things sure take a beating, don’t they? This is why physical inventory is so important. You can’t just run a report and see that a Guinness World Records book circulates well. Well DUH, of course it does! But they’re simply falling apart over there. Go take a look, and weed the sad ones.

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RIP Anne of Green Gables



Anne of Green Gables
1987 (paperback) original copyright 1908

A friend sent me some scans of this poor book from an elementary school library. It was only recently weeded, but had looked awful for years. This paperback had been in the collection for years and had great circulation. Obviously the tape and other “repairs” were some kind of heroic attempt to save this paperback. It’s 2013, finally we can put this book out of OUR misery.


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