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This category addresses those Awful Library Books that have a problem with condition or poor processing.

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Geography for the kids

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Earthsearch : A Kids’ Geography Museum in a Book

Submitter: This book is a fun hands on exploration of the earth’s geography. The book has been well used and loved based on its current state. There are several things that make this an awful library book. The first are the removable coins in the back cover. There was an attempt to keep the coins contained with the addition of tape, but clearly that didn’t work very well. Where did those two missing coins go? This book was shelved on a bottom shelf within easy reach of toddlers, so a definite safety hazard. The rice has most likely gone rancid and would make a child sick if eaten. Wrinkled pages and pages that are pulling away from the spiral binding…it’s time to go.

Holly: What a cool book! For a gift or home use, that is. It is a horrible format for public libraries. Between the spiral binding, the tabs sticking out, the bag of rice, and the loose coins, this is about as bad as it gets for public library use.

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Typewriter Practice

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Basic Typewriting Drills

Submitter: Who wouldn’t want a typewriting practice book? Obviously that would be so much more helpful than the dozens of free keyboarding practice games available online. My favorite part of this book, aside from the fact that it has never been weeded from my public library, is that it comes with a built-in stand so you can set it up right next to your typewriter while you practice.

Holly: That does make it pretty handy. My favorite feature are the ripped, torn pages and cover, barely holding on to the spiral binding. If the examples were at least a computer keyboard, it would be better, but they show manual typewriters. There’s probably a whole section on the carriage return!

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Your Breakfast Choice

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Bricks for Breakfast

A very alert Facebook fan of ALB sent me this gem of bad processing. When I saw the book, I didn’t see or think “Bricks”.  “Dicks” popped into my brain instantly. Of course, my absolutely immature brain (and Holly’s) totally appreciates a wayward barcode making something innocuous into the funniest thing in the world. Truly, “unfortunate” barcode placement is one of my favorite “awful” books and we haven’t had one submitted in quite awhile. My day is made.

To all our fellow librarians with a 12 year old boy’s sense of humor, you’re welcome.


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