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Making a Collection Count

Condition/Processing Fail

This category addresses those Awful Library Books that have a problem with condition or poor processing.

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Where is Baby’s Present?

Babys Present 1.JPG Where is Baby’s Present?

Submitter: This is a weed based on book condition, not content, and to be fair to the baby who ripped the wrapping paper off the page while looking for the present, that’s the first place I’d look, too.

Holly: Ha ha! This poor book was doomed from the start! It’s like a workbook: don’t buy it for a library collection unless you fully intend it to be written in. Lift-the-flap books are gonna be ripped sooner than later, so just know that they have a limited shelf life.

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Eat Dirt!

Soil Testing Manual: Procedures, Classification Data, and Sampling Practices

Submitter: I work in an engineering library. This is the sort of book vandalism only engineering students would do- please note the careful workmanship. The knife never punctured the cover, and the letters were lifted off without tearing them or the cover underneath. We are torn between annoyance at people altering books and respect for creativity and craftsmanship so rarely seen these days.

Holly: #Respect

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The Joy of Home Winemaking

The Joy of Home Winemaking: Create Your Own Vintage Wine

Submitter: This gross specimen comes from my local library. It clearly has been used in the wine making process. Look at those stains! I know wine should age, but I am not sure this is what they had in mind.

Holly: Age the wine, not the library collection. This can be weeded on condition if nothing else!

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