Hoarding is not collection development

Condition/Processing Fail

This category addresses those Awful Library Books that have a problem with condition or poor processing.

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Submitter: I’m a librarian at an international school in Germany and I recently weeded this book from my school’s primary library. It’s not a bad book, per se, but it definitely does not belong in an elementary school collection.

Holly: This looks like a fun, cute book – that does not belong in an elementary school! Good call, submitter. Any German public librarians want to weigh in on its appropriateness for your adult collections? I can’t read the text.

More Processing and Cataloging Mistakes:


More Bad Processing

Immature Humor Alert

(cl)Ass Clown

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Immature Humor Alert!

Billy, the Condominium Cat

Submitter: “Billy, the Condominium Cat” – what could go wrong?

Holly:  This is a children’s book, so hopefully they won’t catch the joke because they won’t know what a condom is. On the other hand, they might think that’s really the title and go around asking people what a condom is.


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All that was left was a carcass…

Guinness World Records
50th Anniversary Edition

Submitter: I can’t give any other pictures of this book, because the front and back covers were ALL I found on the shelf. Seriously. They were shelved correctly, I guess, but there’s not much use in putting the covers on the shelf for checkout. I think this book wins the worst condition ever award.

Holly: Soooo…. either a patron stole its insides and left the carcass on the shelf, or SOMEONE ON STAFF SHELVED IT THIS WAY. I sincerely hope it was stolen and left for dead. These things sure take a beating, don’t they? This is why physical inventory is so important. You can’t just run a report and see that a Guinness World Records book circulates well. Well DUH, of course it does! But they’re simply falling apart over there. Go take a look, and weed the sad ones.

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