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Making a Collection Count

Condition/Processing Fail

This category addresses those Awful Library Books that have a problem with condition or poor processing.

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Friday Fiction – California!


Submitter: Just found this in the stacks today. I wish that I could have gotten a better picture of the uniform goldenrod color. Besides the very yellowed pages and cover, the book is being held together with a prayer and a wish. On a scale of gross to disgusting, it’s disgusting.

Holly: Oh good, a popular old fiction title for our readers to discuss! I can’t speak for any other public library, but my library no longer owns this title – or any other title in the Wagons West series – and we haven’t missed it. There are 15 copies available in our inter-library loan system. I wonder what kind of shape some of those are in! Submitter’s specimen is particularly…ripe.


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Where is Baby’s Present?

Babys Present 1.JPG Where is Baby’s Present?

Submitter: This is a weed based on book condition, not content, and to be fair to the baby who ripped the wrapping paper off the page while looking for the present, that’s the first place I’d look, too.

Holly: Ha ha! This poor book was doomed from the start! It’s like a workbook: don’t buy it for a library collection unless you fully intend it to be written in. Lift-the-flap books are gonna be ripped sooner than later, so just know that they have a limited shelf life.

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