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Massage Madness

coverThe Massage Book

Submitter: I have a truly horrifying submission for your perusal. I work at the downtown branch of a large library system up in Canada, and I was going over a cart of books that had fallen out of circulation. To my chagrin, this was in our collection, and is one of those great books printed in brown ink as only the 1970s could do. You learn how to create your own oils, make your own massage table and various techniques for massage. With illustrations that become a little graphic, it’s quite a book. I see why it languished on the shelves!

Holly: Mary has a clown phobia and I have a massage phobia. I am totally grossed out even thinking about some stranger sliding their hands over my skin. Ewwww. I get that libraries should have books like this, though. It was a completely reasonable choice for 1972. It should’ve been weeded by about 1980 at the latest.

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Childhood Diseases are Fun!

have a happy measle title page

Have a Happy Measle, and a Merry Mumps and a Cheery Chickenpox

Today we have an oldie, but a goodie, thanks to an alert Twitter follower. Since this is before widespread application of the vaccines for childhood illnesses, maybe these authors were just trying to spin disease as a fun vacation from school. As a child, I had measles, mumps and chickenpox and just about everyone else I knew did too. It was almost a rite of passage. I don’t really remember it being this “fun”, though. It’s definitely a weeder, but also an awesome relic from the olden days.

Stay healthy everyone!


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Open Wide

Open Wide coverOpen Wide – It Won’t Hurt

Submitter: I can just imagine the pitch for this book: “It’s like All Creatures Great And Small, but about a dentist! For people! With cartoons of dental mishaps!” Wish I could see the librarian book that is blurbed on the back cover…

Holly: This is an odd little book. And that blurb on the back has nothing to do with this one. This is cataloged as biography, so it contains anecdotes from a dentist’s memoirs. It might have circulated in public libraries at the time it was published, but now it just seems really random.

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