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Sex After 60

Active Sex After Sixty

Submitter: The library has been in the news lately when news broke about the large amounts of books they recently weeded. I guess they missed these two.

Holly: I guess so! The book itself was probably just fine for a public library in 1969. I take no exception to the topic it covers, at least. Dr. Rubin was 78 when he wrote this book (born in 1891), so at least his over-60 clientele could relate. Nowadays, I wouldn’t trust the information to be accurate. A more “interesting” note about Dr. Rubin is that he was a eugenicist. One of his most popular books was “Eugenics and Sex Harmony” in 1933. I’ll pass on that one, thank you, but “Your Mysterious Glands” sounds fascinating.

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Biology Coloring Book

The Biology Coloring Book

Submitter: I am starting at a PreK-8 small private school with a media center jam packed with gems like this. I’m not entirely sure what the focus of this book is or how it got into the collection. It’s not necessarily a bad book. It’s pretty technical, like a textbook. But coloring? I feel that if someone were keen on presenting a different way of interacting with biology, there are more effective methods than coloring.  Beside that, this science book is older than me, and it hasn’t ever circulated. There are undoubtedly much better bio books that could fit in this book’s shelf space. I’d always be nervous about circulating a coloring book in a library anyway, but with this one? Three guesses which illustrations are the only ones that have been colored…

Holly: Yeah, I’m not surprised about which page was colored in (See below – potentially NSFW!). Coloring books are usually the kiss of death for school libraries. Between it’s age and the fact that it has never circulated, I’d think it was an easy weeding candidate.

Mary’s daughter is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in biology. She might like this! Hey, Sarah, if you need a study break there’s still some unfinished coloring on the reproductive system page…

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Cancer Info for Teens

Breast Cancer

As of this writing this was still in a medium sized public library’s teen nonfiction collection. I love the idea of a book about cancer directed at teens, but 1995 is too old for information on something like breast cancer. I would love to see a newer edition directed at teens/young adults. If your choice is this book or nothing, choose nothing.

On an unrelated note, does the doctor in the picture appear to have a hairpiece or a bad haircut?


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