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Say Yes to No

It’s Okay to Say No
Choosing Sexual Abstinence

This book is part of a series called Teen Pregnancy Prevention. Although this does talk about birth control, the emphasis is no sex of any kind. There is also a subtle suggestion that birth control won’t work and that “most teens” want to say no.

I think the photos used to illustrate this book are the real problem. Notice on the cover, it is up to the girl to say no and keep everything under control.

Just say no to this book.


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You may not need a psychiatrist, but you do need a librarian

You May Not Need a Psychiatrist
How Your Body May Control Your Mind

Straight from the 1970s, we have another mind-body connection health book.  In this book he criticizes diagnostics with respect to those conditions as “mental” rather than physical maladies. Some of the more dramatic examples include epilepsy, high blood pressure, or anemia that can present as mental illness. The most interesting thing I found was a reference to restless leg syndrome, which I had never heard mentioned until they started selling drugs to cure it a few years back.

For 1979, this was a good choice for a public library collection. In 2014, it is far too outdated to be of any use to the general public. (As of this writing this book has not been weeded. Public libraries, if you are still holding this, it is time to let it go.)


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Bowling for the Ladies

Bowling for Women

Submitter: Here we have a lovely example of why our library needs to weed. This book serves to tell us that bowling is a fashion statement (new dress, anyone?) and that we need more help and advice because we have less strength than men. Pair that with pictures of women bowling in skirts to their ankles and antiquated scoring “equipment” and this book is a weeding winner! Culled from a college library.

Holly: This is a GREAT example of why libraries should weed! What possible use can it be today in a college library (or any library outside of a museum or archive)? I don’t even have anything to add beyond what Submitter already said. It’s that obvious.

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