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Nice Girls Do!

Nice Girls Do
and now you can too!

Ladies, here is your permission to love sex as much as the guys. Kassorla uses what she calls the “pleasure process”. ¬†Couples are encouraged to let down inhibitions and communicate with your partner. This book is a fine choice for a library in the early 80s. In some situations, it might even be considered a bit radical for assuming the ladies are entitled to “like” sex.

This book is very much a product of the times. The advice is simple and has overtones of Transactional Analysis. The examples are dated and of course I would like to think that maybe (that is a big maybe) we have progressed a bit in regards to women’s sexuality.

So ladies, go out and discard your “tv dinner” sex life and try the banquet!


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Socially Curious

Socially Curious and Curiously Social: A Social Thinking Guidebook for Teens & Young Adults with Asperger’s, ADHD, PDD-NOS, NVLD, or other Murky Undiagnosed Social Learning Issues
Garcia Winner and Crooke

Submitter: While this idea of learning social nuances sounds great in theory, just about every autistic adult will tell you that their attempts at conforming to these expectations will leave them physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Such advice as this could only work in the short-term when an autistic person is that desperate to fit in with their neurotypical peers. But will this advice guarantee them a happy life?

The author of this book rationalizes discrimination against autistic people in so many ways. As a neurotypical herself, Michelle Winner sees no harm in reminding autistics how their natural autistic tendencies will inherently make their peers feel uncomfortable. The only way that anyone would be comfortable around them, is for them to start having more “expected” behaviors and refrain from doing “unexpected” behaviors (p. 5) – which is just a euphemism for looking more “normal.” God forbid doing something to change the bigoted perceptions that many people have about autistic behaviors; after all, it is the autistic people who are broken members of society who need to be fixed with a little Social Thinking.

Furthermore, there is absolutely no information in this book regarding sensory issues or executive dysfunction, which are very real problems for people on the autism spectrum. These actually make it understandable for a man to have a meltdown while he wastes travel time for a cancelled meeting, yet the author has the nerve to call it an “overreaction” that he could easily control (p. 141). For someone who keeps emphasizing the importance of perspective-taking, Michelle Winner fails epically when it comes to putting herself in the shoes of the people she works with. Thus, a “professional” like her has no business telling autistic children or adults what is best for them.

Holly: Plus, it has an obnoxiously long subtitle!


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How To Be A Good Church Lady


The Stewardess

When I picked this up, I thought sure this was a career book about being a stewardess, like on an airplane. Nope, this is all about stewardship in church. This book is geared to the ladies that feel they have too much on their plate to be an adequate church volunteer/steward. Fair enough. How does one balance the needs of family vs. church duties?

This book is surprising in many ways. Unlike many of the Christian oriented materials we have featured here, this book is actually promoting choice in your activities and how you manage your home and children.

Bockelman felt that a woman that gives until she is resentful isn’t doing justice to her calling. She notes that there are many paths for women and not all are about marriage and children. She also admonishes the reader in judging others choices. I think the author is forward thinking and this rings more true than the “newer” books telling women to shut up and do what they are told.


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