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Cancer Info for Teens

Breast Cancer

As of this writing this was still in a medium sized public library’s teen nonfiction collection. I love the idea of a book about cancer directed at teens, but 1995 is too old for information on something like breast cancer. I would love to see a newer edition directed at teens/young adults. If your choice is this book or nothing, choose nothing.

On an unrelated note, does the doctor in the picture appear to have a hairpiece or a bad haircut?


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A Real Pain in the Neck


Treat Your Own Neck

Forget the doctor! No need to do fancy physical therapy. Here is a DIY book for your neck pain. I think it is worth noting that your pain can vanish with a helpful additional purchase of the cervical roll.

Regardless of the quality of information, let this one go. 1983 is too old to be trusted.  Props for showing a computer in an office setting in a book from 1983. Those weren’t standard issue (at least in my neck of the woods) until the mid to late 1980s.


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Cringe Worthy Health Info

Encyclopedia of Family Health
Marshall Cavendish

Submitter: While I understand that terms like retardation and invalids are medical terms, I cringe in horror to think of the outdated, insensitive, and flat out incorrect information a student at this high school could quote. Some of my best/least favorite examples:

-Dwarfism p. 425 ” The most celebrated short people are found in circuses…”

-Homosexuality p. 712 “Family upbringing may also have an effect by failing to produce a strong sense of being male in the growing boy.”

-Invalids p. 873 “Many remain in institutions for life, but more often they are cared for in the community and aids and help are brought to the home.”

-Retardation p. 1870-1871 “Most children, however retarded, have their own potential for development.” “Many parents tend to spoil a retarded child in the mistaken belief that they are somehow compensating for the handicap.”

Holly: Good grief. A twenty-year-old health book is not helping anyone. The dwarfism and homosexuality entries are particularly brutal. I sincerely hope they scrapped both entries and started over in the newer editions of this encyclopedia.

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