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The How and Why Wonder Book of Dinosaurs

Like any good librarian, I get that dinosaur books are gold and absolutely essential in any collection. I have a pack of regulars at my library that will set me straight on the quality of dino books without hesitation. This is an example of one that had to go. First, boring pictures that look like some bad claymation models. Second, according to my dino kids, a brontosaurus is not a real dinosaur. Finally, real dinosaurs are much cooler looking than these pictures.

Time for a new dino book.


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On the Catwalk

Fashion Cats

Personal bias alert: I don’t like animals dressed up as people. I think it is weird. That said, if you are into that kind of thing, this is your book.  Behold the pictures below. ‘Nuff said.


PS I am extremely interested in how they got these cats dressed and posed without incident.

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Show your passport, Mr Dinosaur

Canadian Dinosaurs

Thanks to a librarian friend, here is a book on Canadian dinosaurs (as opposed to those pesky American Dinos). I am imagining  a few Canadian Dinos taking in some Tunnel Bar-B-Q, hitting a casino or strip club, and then crossing over to catch a Red Wings game in Detroit. (I know Americans in Detroit do this, so I am only assuming the traffic goes both ways.) How do those tiny arms hold the passport?

Before anyone gets upset, this book is NOT awful! I loved the layout, pictures and information. I particularly like that they provided information about the particular digs and museums in Alberta. I can’t wait to plan a vacation to Dinosaur Provincial Park.  My only gripe is that it is getting a bit ripe in age and maybe a newer edition is in order.  One of my regular kids always says you can never have too many dinosaur books. That kid is absolutely right.


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