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Animal Love

All the animal books are in this category, including pets, wild creatures and farm animals.

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Fish Trophies

The Breakthrough Fish Taxidermy Manual

Submitter: Besides the totally creepy image on the cover, all of the pictures inside are black and white and have their own special creep factor.  Now, don’t get me wrong, my library has other books on taxidermy, but this one is special.  Needless to say, it is leaving the collection. My favorite part is the introduction by the author on the title page in which he laments about the fact that other taxidermists would not help him learn how to taxidermy animals, so he wrote this book to help all the people out there who want to learn. Added to that, every time I see this book the McDonald’s Billy Bass commercial runs through my head. “Gimme back that filet-o-fish. Gimme that fish…”

Holly: Oh, and look! It’s spiral bound! Even better. It’s *barely* bound at all, from the looks of it.

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Sheepish Info

TV Vet  Sheep Book
TV Vet

Think of this as DIY manual for the sheep farmer. Evidently, this is part of a series of books on animal husbandry.  I am really curious on the TV aspect of this series. Perhaps this is an offshoot of an all-farm channel?

Of course, veterinary medicine ages, just as any science or health book. Having worked in a semi-rural area library, this type of material is often considered a core subject. Maybe a university library would think this is worth something, but public libraries can let this antique go.


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Cinderella has gone to the dogs!


Submitter: I can’t believe this book. I literally did a double-take when I saw the cover, and as I flipped through it, I began to wonder what made the library purchase this book in the first place. The dog/people combos are a bit freaky and probably would have frightened me as a child. I could see a Cinderella story with the characters all as cartoon dogs, but not this weird dog/person combo photograph.

Holly: This is definitely odd. Dog people, are you horrified by this or do you think it’s cute? They have dog faces and people hands, which I find disturbing. If it circulates, I’d keep it, but I might not put it out on display!

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