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Show your passport, Mr Dinosaur

Canadian Dinosaurs

Thanks to a librarian friend, here is a book on Canadian dinosaurs (as opposed to those pesky American Dinos). I am imagining  a few Canadian Dinos taking in some Tunnel Bar-B-Q, hitting a casino or strip club, and then crossing over to catch a Red Wings game in Detroit. (I know Americans in Detroit do this, so I am only assuming the traffic goes both ways.) How do those tiny arms hold the passport?

Before anyone gets upset, this book is NOT awful! I loved the layout, pictures and information. I particularly like that they provided information about the particular digs and museums in Alberta. I can’t wait to plan a vacation to Dinosaur Provincial Park.  My only gripe is that it is getting a bit ripe in age and maybe a newer edition is in order.  One of my regular kids always says you can never have too many dinosaur books. That kid is absolutely right.


More animals that may or may not be Canadian:


Pets around the world

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Fish Manners and Morals

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Let’s Look at Dogs

Let’s Look at Dogs

Submitter: This little gem was shoved in the middle of the fiction section at my middle school library. Not only is it horribly out dated, but I’m pretty sure the target audience in this book isn’t urban middle schoolers, so I’m not sure how it ended up in fiction instead of in the “to weed” pile, where it belongs.

Holly: Good catch, Submitter! This one has “gone to the dogs.”

(See what I did there?)

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Dancing with Cats

Dancing with Cats
Silver and Busch

Submitter: If you thought “Why Cats Paint” qualified for Awful Library Book status, I give you its sequel “Dancing with Cats!”  And yes, we had both of them on the shelves of our medium-sized Midwestern public library.  Unlike it’s hilarious predecessor, Dancing with Cats is kind of creepy and the images will be burned into your retinas forever, mainly because of the humans in the photos.   Take Fred in his body paint, leotard and tail (Oh Lord, please let it be a leotard!).  Or Ivan in his Speedo.  Doesn’t it look like the cats are begging him to put some clothes on?  Ralph simply looks possessed, while Helen in her tie-dye looks like she’s been into the catnip a few too many times.   I will say however, that the models in this book could teach Tyra Banks’ protégés on America’s  Next Top Model about committing to their poses.  Not that I watch ANTM.  Much.

This book is good for a novelty, but like many humor books, the novelty wears off pretty quickly. It hasn’t circulated in a few years, so we’re pulling it from our shelves.

Holly: Is it a parody? Is it serious? We’re not sure. Worldcat’s summary seems pretty serious: “Photographs and text celebrate the joyous communication that can exist between humans and their feline companions as they engage in movement and dance together.” The Library of Congress in their wisdom gave it serious subject headings, too: Dance, Cats–Behavior, and Human-animal relationships. Either way, it’s funny! The cats are…dancing! Mary, can Roberta dance? It’s the people who are really funny here, though. I’m a little worried for Ralph, actually. He might be having a stroke.

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