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Cat Tricks

The Educated Cat
How to Teach Your Cat to Do Tricks
Ney and Fadem

Had I been thinking, I would have posted this last week during World Cat Day. (Initially, I thought it was WorldCat day and we should be digging into to the catalog.) Evidently, there just aren’t enough cats on the Internet so we need a special day for our feline overlords.

I was browsing for cat books on a reference question and I couldn’t resist this title. I am always amused at the idea of “training” a cat.  I am not sure this particular guy has the answers since all the cats look annoyed. I especially like the photos on teaching a cat to sit.

This book was in circulation as of this posting. I still think 1987 is a bit old for a book like this, even if the material is still good. Cat books (and other pet themed books) are always a hit with the kids. For the record, I have never had a request or even a conversation about training a cat. Dogs, yes, but no cats.

Now excuse me while I attend to every need of my feline masters.



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A Rabid Book for the Kids


Submitter: The late, great Elaine Landau has a number of up-to-date quality titles out there. Perhaps this was one of them in 1993. I was in middle school then, and I wonder what my reaction to the severed skunk head would have been. I wasn’t prepared for it when I was flipping through it a few months ago.

[This was found in a] public library children’s collection.

Holly: I’m going to warn you all right now. DO NOT CLICK THROUGH IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO ANIMAL ISSUES! Just click over to Emergency Kitten blog instead and let today’s post go. I don’t need anyone swooning or getting mad at me for what you are going to see below. I don’t like it any more than you do, and while it’s not a bad book, I think this was a better choice for an adult collection than children’s. Severed heads indeed! Nice cozy bedtime story! Gross.


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Muskrat Love

Practical Muskrat Raising

Submitter: I don’t know how this escaped being weeded before, but it was probably due to its slim size (only 130 pages) and pristine condition (never checked out!). We’re a public library in a fairly rural area where muskrats are a native species, so topics like trapping might be of interest, but the information is so dated. Attitudes towards wearing fur have changed, and I’m sure there are regulations about starting a muskrat fur farm today that aren’t even addressed. I love the opening statement “The vocation of raising muskrats…has a strong appeal for the average American.” Yeah, we talk about our interest in raising muskrats every day around here. Not! And the book’s way of constantly referring to them as ‘rats makes the thought of a muskrat fur coat extra appealing. The really embarrassing part? We have a second copy at one of this at one of our branches!

Holly: This book was probably great in its day. In addition to Submitter’s points, I will add that it suffers from that old-timey formal, stilted language.  When we see a title like “Practical Muskrat Raising” these days, we expect something much more approachable.

Heads up: dead muskrats pictured below. Click through at your own risk!

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