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Happy Independence Day 2016


Happy 4th of July to all our friends. We will be enjoying a nice day off and hope you get to do the same. To my British friends, you get to buy me a drink.

Don’t worry, all the problems, summer reading issues, complaints, jammed copier/printers will still be there waiting for you on Tuesday.


Holiday Fun at ALB

We like to take off some time during the Christmas holiday so we can recover in time for post-holiday problems like printers, copy machines, complaints about tax forms, and all the other fun stuff in a library.

Enjoy these ALB posts featuring parties, holidays and other goodness from yesteryear.

Peace, love, and stable funding to everyone in 2016!

Mary and Holly

Crap for Christmas

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It’s the Fourth of July!


Holly and I are enjoying a long weekend and we hope that all our American friends are taking time off.  We will be enjoying some time NOT waiting on patrons or unjamming printers. That will be waiting for us on Monday. Happy Independence Day and to my British pals, you still have to buy me a drink. I think it’s a law.

Those of you entertaining this weekend would maybe find these old posts helpful:

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